A Revolutionary Digital Air Fryer

Recently I made a fantastic discovery on one of my shows of a product that is brilliant for non-cooks like me, as well as for those who want an additional cooking aid that is versatile and very healthy. Let me introduce you to this digital air fryer oven which, although compact, has so many functions that you’ll wonder what you did without it!

Have a look at this wonderful digital air fryer:
How it works: 
  • This digital air fryer uses rapid air technology to cook food without any oil. It does this using the friction of strong opposite gusts of wind producing friction to cook, brown and crisp your food but in a healthy way so that you can indulge in foods like chips without feeling guilty.
  • The temperature range goes from 65-200 degrees; it has an inbuilt timer and even better 18 pre-set functions for cooking all different types of food with no margin for error. This is a feature that is great for someone like me who doesn’t cook and relies on a microwave most of the time.
  • Unlike a standard microwave though which works well for rapid heating of food, this Digital Air Fryer will cook chips, meat, pizza and fish but also bake, and it has a rotisserie function too. This means you can roast a chicken on the rotisserie, and it doesn’t dry the meat out because of the 360-degree cyclonic air feature, plus you can roast your potatoes at the same time! This can all happen at the same time because of the attachments that come with it, and due to its 12-litre capacity. It comes with the rotisserie fork as I mentioned, plus a drip tray, wire rack and rotating basket for your fries etc.
  • The front glass door is removable for cleaning, and everything is loaded from the front so that it can be used under an overhanging kitchen cupboard easily. The size makes it perfect for taking to use in a caravan or for students when they leave home for shared accommodation. I’ve heard from a few viewers who have recently bought this to send their teenagers off with when they leave home, hoping that they won’t buy so many takeaways!
  • It’s also very helpful for people who are downsizing or living on their own who don’t want to heat up a large oven for a meal for one. Also, because it can be put at eye level, it is potentially much easier and safer to access for those who find it difficult to bend down to a conventional oven.
  • I have a friend who is having her kitchen renovated, and she can’t access her regular gadgets so this has come as a welcome addition to her kitchen and she says she’ll continue cooking with it after the kitchen is finished. I mustn’t forget the health benefits of cooking with this, especially if you are dieting or following a healthy cooking programme. There is no oil, fat or grease added to your food so certain items which may have been banned from your diet like chips or various treats can go back in without any guilt factor.
  • It also comes with a cookbook to give you some great recipe ideas which you can follow if you wish or just use for inspiration. It highlights all the possibilities of how it can be used.
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Finally, I was expecting a much higher price tag for an item that is packed with so many features, can be used in a variety of different ways and is also ultra-simple to use.

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