DIY Ideas for Home & Outdoor

Getting bored at home? Unable to find new entertainment sources while being at home? Binge watched all great series on Netflix and Prime? Thinking of trying something new like great DIY ideas?

Well, we can understand being at home for a long time can be a tedious task, you might regularly suffer from boredom and might just want to find something new to do.  Although technology and digital media have made our work easier we can now connect with all our friends through video calls, watch a lot of movies etc. But till when? We might just get bored with all of it too and in such a situation trying new DIY ideas can be of great help.

So, let’s try something new which is fun, creative and involves a lot of learning. Let’s try some DIY projects while being at home. Amazing DIY ideas can enhance your creativity level and by the end of the day you might just land up doing some great productive things.

Here’s a list of some amazing DIY Ideas which can sweep off all the boredom out of your regular schedule.


1) DIY Ideas for Petite Earrings


Materials Required

16 Bobby Pins

2 Head Pins

1 Bottle of polish from nail care

2 small crimp beads

2 hanging earrings wire blanks

Painter’s tape

Parchment paper or plastic wrap

Round nose and flat nose pliers

Wire snips


What to do:


Step One:

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You need to arrange 8 bobby pins with the ridges all of them in the similar charge. Direct the bobby pins onto a headpin, repeat the procedure with the second set of headpins and bobby pins.



Step Two:

DIY Ideas at TJC


Use round nose pliers to bend the headpin on all sides of the bobby pin to create a triangle shape. Repeat the same procedure with the second earring, Wire snips can be used to remove the pinheads.

Step  Three:

DIY Ideas at TJC

Direct the headpin through the earring blank hole. Slightly fold one side of the headpin over the other one, then you need to glide a crimp bead over the ends of the headpins where they overlap. Now, by using flat note pliers, flatten the crimp bead to hold the components properly.

Credits: Buzzfeed


2) Vertical Garden in DIY Ideas for Terrace


DIY Ideas at TJC


Material Required

Hanging pocket shoe organizer

Pole attachments (curtain poles, screws pipe fittings)

Strong metal saucepan or utensils hanging hooks.

Compost of a good quality moisture.

Selection of plants or seeds.

Piece of wood 2”X 2” as long as the width of the pocket store to keep the base away from the wall.

Trough planter to catch drips.


What to do:

Step 1: Attach the pole to shed or wall.

Step 2: Attach hanging shoe store.

Step 3: Teat drainage

Step 4: Fill each pocket with compost

Step 5: Add plants or seeds in pots in the pockets

Step 6: Drip aid

Step 7: Maintaining a healthy hanging reg plot





3) Toilet Paper Roll Craft: Sheep DIY Ideas


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What you need:

Toilet paper rolls



Loose twigs


What to do:

The Head Shape and Paint: Let’s start by shaping the sheep’s face. Take one of your TP rolls, cut 4 slits and squeeze them together. Then glue or tape in place. The white sheep should be taped and black sheep glued. Paint them white and black. Once they dry, cut very short slits into the other end, alternating with the slits made for the front, squeeze and then insert them into the second toilet paper roll.



4) Gravel Pathway for Outdoor DIY Ideas

Credits: Better homes and gardens

What you need:

Gardening Tools

Loose gravel



What to do:

  1. Draw a pathway that you wish to form in your backyard.
  2. Using shovels and forks, dig up the pathway of shallow depth.
  3. Using bricks, mark the sides of the pathway. You may also use garden lights for illuminating the pathway.
  4. Lay down a layer of gravel.



We hope you liked our DIY ideas and would definitely try them all while being at home. We guarantee you not just these DIY ideas would save you from boredom but would also help in enhancing your creativity level and would also boost your learning.

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