Do’s and Dont’s in Wearing Statement Jewellery

Statement jewellery pieces are hot this season. Wearing a statement piece will certainly add some pizzazz to your boring outfit. However, you need to remember that this statement jewellery should complement your outfit. Statement jewellery pieces can make or break your look. Here are some do’s and don’ts in wearing statement jewellery: 

Don’t Be Afraid to Play with Colors

statement jewellery tips
GP Amethyst Mozambique Garnet and Diamond Butterfly Floral Bangle

Spruce up your outfit with some catchy jewellery pieces with bold colors. A splash of interesting hues will lighten up your ensemble. Don’t be afraid to match your outfit with colors that you’re not used to wearing. Go for a chunky floral bangle with bright colors like this Flower Bangle. Wear this scene-stealing statement piece and let the colors bring life to your outfit.

Don’t Go Overboard

statement jewellery tips
J Francis Light Amethyst and White Swarovski Crystal Heart Necklace

One thing you have to remember when wearing statement jewellery is to never go over-the-top. You need to learn when to stop piling up your accessories. A bold ring can do the trick of turning your bland ensemble to a stylish one. You can pair this cocktail ring with a necklace that is less dramatic than the ring.


Don’t Forget to Mix and Match

statement jewellery tips
Platinum and Yellow Gold Overlay Sterling Silver Knot Earrings

Remember the old rule of wearing gold with gold and silver with silver? Forget this rule because it’s outdated. Mix and match gold with other metals for an interesting choice. In fact, the best way of doing so is by wearing all the tones and colours of gold. Get a hint of rose with the traditional beauty of yellow gold and add it to the pristine canvas of white gold. 


Don’t Stick to the Latest Trends

statement jewellery tips
14K Rose and White Gold Diamond

Being updated with the latest jewellery trends is a good thing, but you should not let it dictate your style. Some trends may look good on you, and some may not. Instead of wasting your money invest in classic jewellery pieces.



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