How Duchess of Cambridge Ups Her Fashion?

If there is one diva who inspire every fashion buff to bits, she is none other the Duchess of Cambridge herself. Yes, there is not even one moment where she made any less of a mind-boggling statement to steal many hearts. Whether it was her Marilyn Monroe moment (when her skirt flew up courtesy of some royal wind) or cajoling the world with her oh-so-sassy baby bump flaunts with utmost elegance, she beats it all.

Without a doubt, she is a fashion icon at every event she makes her appearance to. She deals with her sartorial skills in the most gracious way and even pulls off her casual moments with an ace. And about her accessorising adroitness, oh lady, she has just excelled it to the limits. Call it the royal showers, or the personality she has come out to be, but yes, Kate Middleton is a real inspo.

Duchess of Cambridge style

It’s no wonder, whenever Duchess steps out amazingly to spill the beans about her elegant dresses, her off-the-shoulder gowns, or her trendy mullet style confections, all eyes are on her. In her ever so glistening appearances, one being to Paris as a senior Royal, she effortlessly made a sartorial splash. To complement the crystallised overlay on the dress, she adorned glorious pair of diamond earrings and a bracelet (wondering those are from the Queen’s closet).

Apart from mastering the art of flaunting evening gowns, Duchess of Cambridge from time to time does not stay reluctant to pull off her casual looks like a boss.  Be it her printed Maxi gowns during her visit to India or her super casual skinny jeans and Breton strip shirt, everything makes her the connoisseur of effortless elegance. She has been ever so graceful in teaming casuals up to define that elegance is not with the outfit, it can be presented with the simplest of closet options. Certainly, DREAMS!

Coming to her pristine jewels, we all have a glimpse and gleam of the same. The heirloom brooches, the diamond tiaras or her stupendous sapphire engagement ring, the Royalty is quite visible. No doubt, the jewellery box of Duchess of Cambridge has always been on bling. If you have been sleeping under the rocks when the extravagant Royal wedding took place or you are a magpie, looking for another stare. Behold. This was Prince William’s late mother, Princess Diana’s Ceylon sapphire ring. A total dazzler indeed!

She has been showered with some classic heirlooms but time and again, she likes to get her hands on new jewellery designers too. Her double leaf gold drop earrings have been spotted plenty of times. Her Cartier brooch or her Cartier wedding Day Tiara (a masterpiece and an incredible work of art) has made world go love-struck.

Royal vibes have surrounded Duchess of Cambridge in all its glory and we wish to see more of her regal appearances every now and then.

Her Royal wardrobe is definitely making the world go envy of her, but here she is, the Duchess of Cambridge, fanning out timeless inspiration to the world.



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