Easy eye makeup trends for summer

It looks like this summer is going to be a scorcher! We've already had some great weather and – if we can believe the weatherman – this is set to continue for the entire season.

While this means a whole host of good things – from more time outside to an excuse to update your summer wardrobe – it can also result in a few issues, such as a makeup meltdown. 

With the weather getting warmer, now is the perfect time to try out some simple makeup looks that might be better at withstanding the heat.

Here are some great eye makeup trends for SS15 that could help you stay flawless as the temperatures rise:

Soft citrus shades

The summer always brings with it a number of citrus shades, which means they are ideal for featuring throughout your eye makeup. Rather than bright neons and other strong statement shades, go for melons, corals and peachy colours.

These should have a bit of shimmer rather than being matte, as this will create a highlighted, sun-kissed look with minimal effort. 

Simply blend your chosen shade over your entire lid and in the sockets to create gentle edges and a hint of colour. Keep lashes bare – or apply a very light coat of mascara – and forego the eyeliner.

You'll be left with a beautiful, warm look that works with most skin tones.

60s mod lashes

If you can't live without your mascara, this is the look for you. While you usually go for mascaras that avoid clumping, this trend calls for you to apply a few layers to create a stylish clump look.

Think Twiggy and that iconic shot where she had lashes drawn on with eyeliner to make her eyes stand out. The key is to create this look using just mascara, so your lashes look almost doll-like and make your eyes appear larger.

Wear just the mascara or team it with a soft, blended eyeshadow that will lighten your eyelid to make the black mascara look starker.

Coloured cat eyes

We all love a good cat eye and if you've managed to perfect your flick, this is definitely the summer eye makeup look for you. 

Rather than sticking to your staple black liquid eyeliner, mix things up with different shades. Purples, blues, greens, golds and bold white are this season's go-to cat eye colours, allowing you to mix up your look with minimal effort.

Simply pick out your coloured liquid or gel liner and create your usual style of eyeliner flick to make your eyes look bigger. You can be as dramatic as you want or simply let all the colour do the talking.

You may even want to team your eyeliner with a mascara in a matching shade, although black mascara still looks great too. You can even use a couple of different colours together, it all depends how brave you're feeling. 

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