Easy ways to keep white gold beautiful

When it comes to white gold jewellery, it isn't just about choosing a beautiful piece; you want to make sure it stays looking beautiful. This means doing everything you can to keep your white gold in the best condition possible and reducing any damage.

There are easy ways you can do this every day, which will make all the difference. Taking steps to protect your jewellery at all times is the best way to keep it looking like new for longer.

Avoid damage

One of the easiest ways to avoid your white gold getting scratched or becoming dull is to protect it from any possible damage. This means not wearing your jewellery when doing housework or any activities that might scratch it.

You should also avoid any contact with chemicals can that can damage your jewellery, such as chlorine. This includes swimming pool water or cleaning products.

Put it in a safe place

White gold can be damaged even when you take it off. You should ensure you put it in a safe place where it isn't going to get damaged. Having a specific place you put your jewellery – like a jewellery box – can help avoid scratches or anything that might wear your white gold down.

Regular care

Cleaning your jewellery regularly will help keep your white gold shining bright and remove any residue that could damage it. It is easy to clean your jewellery yourself by creating a solution of warm water and a mild and soft soap.

Simply soak your jewellery for 20 to 30 minutes before rubbing it with a soft cloth or brush to get rid of any dirt. Then rinse the jewellery in warm water and dry with a clean towel.

If your white gold is set with soft gemstones that shouldn't be soaked – like onyx or pearls – you should avoid leaving it in the solution. Instead, simply dip a clean cloth in the solution and rub the metal areas of the jewellery carefully to remove dirt.

For gemstones you aren't sure about, it is best to be safe rather than sorry, so clean with a cloth rather than soaking your white gold. 


You can have scratches polished out of your white gold jewellery by a professional, which will make it look like new again. However, having it polished too regularly will wear down the rhodium plating and leave your jewellery susceptible to damage.

If the plating seems to be wearing off, you can pay to have it replated. In your lifetime your jewellery will need replating, but it shouldn't need it for many years if it is taken care of.  

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