Emeralds – The sacred stone of Venus

We’re awash with emeralds, we’ve got emerald envy. Well it’s May after all, meaning it’s the birthstone of the month. But not only that, Emerald is the Pantone Colour of 2013. It’s a great colour, making you feel energised and lively.

So the colour aside, what about the gemstone itself? One of the BIG 5 for good reason, a premium quality emerald can be more pricey than a high quality diamond of the same carat weight.

EmeraldsAn ancient love affair: The exquisite emerald has been coveted since ancient times, worshipped by the Aztecs and Incas as the holy stone and offering it up to the gods to ensure good fortune. The ancient Greeks dedicated the emerald to Venus, the goddess of love – hence its name, “the sacred stone of Venus”. And of course the most famous Egyptian, Cleopatra was never without her emeralds.

Shades of green: Emeralds are found all over the world but most desired has to be the Columbian emerald with its strong pure green with a hint of blue. Brazilian emeralds are a slightly lighter green with a touch of yellow. Zambian stones are generally a much deeper forest green with good clarity.

French fancy: It’s extremely rare to find a flawless emerald. The flaws or inclusions that are found in emeralds are caused by calcite deposits known as jardins – named after the French word for garden as they can present incredible patterns within the stone’s structure.

The savvy shopper: Avoid poor quality emeralds – they have too many inclusions so tend to brittle. Natural Colombian emeralds are the best choice of stone in terms of quality, although their price will reflect this. For a cheaper alternative, check out our Zambian emerald range. Avoid composite emeralds – these are made up of two or more stones glued together. They don’t possess the beauty of real gems. Here at TJC, we never sell composite gems, so you can shop in confidence.

Are you embracing emeralds this May? Let us know if you have emerald envy in the comments box below.

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