Engagement: 101! The dos and don’ts

Engagement 101 – we’re here to help. Valentine’s Day is a biggie when it comes to popping the big question. There’s already a love overload so how do you make it extra special? Here are a couple of engagement dos and don’ts for you to consider.

The DOS…

DO know what she likes. Now if you are going to ask the lady in your life to marry you, presumably you already know what she likes and what she doesn’t. However, you’ve now got to figure out how to work her favourite things into the proposal. Let’s get this engagement right!

DO the unexpected. Your lovely lady might have a little inkling that a proposal is on the cards, especially if it’s Valentine’s Day; so do something out of the ordinary or in an unexpected way.

DO get on one knee. You’ll be a winner! It’s tradition and the ladies love it. Plus, a serious Kodak moment is on the cards – get your friends involved.

DO throw out cliché ideas. The ‘nice’ dinner, fortune cookie, champagne glass are pretty much overdone. Try and be induvial and make it personal. Chat to her mum and her best mates – they’ll know exactly what she wants.


DON’T forget the details. As they say, ‘the devil is in the details’. A proposal idea might sound wonderful but practically will it work? The thing you want is it going wrong. For example if you’re proposing outside? Make sure the weather is going to be on your side… Don’t forget to check the weather forecast.

DON’T pretend that you’re not doing anything for Valentine’s Day. If you’re trying to throw her off the scent, don’t pretend you’ve not planned anything for the day of love. It’ll probably just cause an argument – we wouldn’t want that!

DON’T act out of character. It’s all about the secret right, so as soon as you start to act ‘strange’ she’ll figure it out. Try and keep it together, enlist some help from friends and family if you need to.

DON’T make it about you. Do what she will love and not what you think is ‘cool’. Think about what she loves, what are her favourite things and you’ll be on the right track.

What if your engagement plans all go wrong? Well the big question is, ‘did she say yes’? If she did you’ve got nothing to worry about; laugh it off and move on – you’ll have a great story to tell at the wedding!

Good luck!
Love TJC

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