What does your Engagement Ring say about you?

Ever wanted to know what your dream engagement ring said about you? Well we have the answers! Pick the cut you are adore the most to see if the shoe or in this case, the description fits! Will it be a true match? Keep reading…

Round Cut
This classic cut was made especially for the well-rounded and conscious bride. You are a smart and witty woman men aren’t afraid to introduce to their parents. If you love a round cut gemstone it’s usually because you love classic and traditional style that will bring to life your dream wedding while subtly showing off your brilliance and inner sparkle.

Princess Cut
This is for the modern woman who still loves tradition. The Princess cut is for bride who adores and appreciates simplistic style but with a modern twist. Created in the swinging 60’s – this cut is a trendy throwback that still adorns a stylish bride who always has her finger on the pulse.

Emerald Cut
You have a love affair with straight cut lines and favour retro designs. You are always elegantly put together. Worn by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor this cut truly reflects Hollywood glamour and is a cut meant for a bride who has class, charm and effortlessly becomes the centre of attention.

Cushion Cut
The best of both worlds. You have the simplicity of traditional style but with more luxurious detail. A romantic bride loves the cushion cut as she’s the type of bride wants to be swept off her feet by a handsome groom. The cushion cut goes back to era of romance in full swing over a century ago.

Asscher Cut
The asscher cut is for the sensible woman who is sure and comfortable with her own personal style. Adorned with straight even facets, this type of cut has an air of fairy tale beauty, along with vintage sensibility – very 1920’s Art Deco!

Heart Cut
This cut is for the woman who is in love with being in love and still can’t get enough of it! Love rules this bride’s world and she wants an everlasting love story. The heart shaped bride is also quite emotional, yet the heart is the reassuring and ultimate symbol of romance and sentimentality to her.

Oval Cut
The Oval cut is a popular choice among women with small hands as this shape gives the illusion of elongated fingers. This shape is elegant and sophisticated, often a top pick for a woman who wants something more edgy than a round cut diamond, yet she wants something that will still hold that same amount of tradition. The oval is perfectly symmetrical in design and perfect for a woman who loves classic style with a little bit extra.

Marquise Cut
For the woman who is strong and knows what she wants, and she wants to display striking sophistication for her big day. The Marquise cut is definitely for a bride striving for something unique and rare. This shape maximises the look of the carat weight, meaning you get more for less.

Pear Cut
A combination of two cuts- marquise and oval. You have a unique style and this ring matches your style and sensibility along with your ‘take charge’ attitude. This cut is universally perfect for any sized hand too!

What gemstone cut do you prefer?

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