Enjoy your engagement with TJC’s top tips!

Have a feeling your better half will use the Christmas holidays to hold the perfect engagement and propose? Well, Christmas Eve is the most popular day in the year to pop the question, so you need to be prepared with tips of how to enjoy your engagement and this is we come in…

It may not be the way you imagined- but that’s ok  

Every girl has their engagement all planned out in their head, but, in many cases it won’t work out the way you’ve always imagined.

In order to enjoy every minute of your engagement is to understand is that if it’s not played out how you imagined, it’s totally ok.

Your proposal will be perfect for you and give you your own story to tell instead of the fairy tale you’ve been hoping for.

This also makes for good story telling when friends and family ask the all-important question – “How did he do it?”

You won’t be able to stop adoring your hand

As much as you might be anticipating an engagement over the Christmas holidays, actually having a stunning ring on your finger will have you constantly staring and adoring your new hand bling.

And why shouldn’t you, enjoy and bask in your glory, after all you only get engaged once (most of the time).

To enjoy in its entirety, ensure you have a manicure throughout the month, this will make your hand look perfect and aid any instant photo’s you want to upload to Facebook.

Everything you look at will be wedding related

Once you’ve become engaged everything you look at or watch on TV will have some relevance to your big day. So, try not to focus on what you imagine your big day to be like and just enjoy being engaged (after all you might not have even decided on a date)!

Your relationship will feel different – a good ‘different’

Although you may have been with your spouse for a while, your relationship has entered new realms. You are engaged, and you are preparing to spend the rest of your life with your one love, so enjoy every second of it together!

Lastly, buy your fiancé a gift

Engagement rings are expensive, and your spouse would have taken time to pick the perfect ring that represents your style, ensuring it’s something instantly love and adore forever.

Getting engaged over the Christmas period can be expensive business, especially for your spouse who would have been planning this secretly, while also having to buy Christmas presents for other relatives.

If your engagement ring is the only thing you get from the love of your life this Christmas, adore it and perhaps treat your spouse to a better Christmas present, after all an engagement ring trumps the annual gift of socks 😉

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