Ensuring your safety against Coronavirus – Contactless manufacturing & shipping at TJC

As the world battles against Coronavirus, we too, make extra sure that every product you receive from us passes all standards of safe handling. Here, at TJC, we’re taking every possible precaution to stop the virus from further spreading. We maintain a code of zero direct contact at every stage.


Certain major measures taken by TJC are:

Maintain 2m distance, if possible even more.
Wear a mask all the times, even when you are talking with someone.
Sanitise hands regularly and frequently.
We have provided masks and supplements to staff, for their own safety and precaution.



TJC against coronavirus

From resourcing to logistics, the gems handled by us go untouched by direct skin contact. The members in the chain of logistics are wearing the appropriate gear, complete with secure masks and gloves. We have placed sanitizers at every entrance and exit, for everyone to make sure they’re safe and protected.



TJC against Coronavirus


Your jewellery piece handled by us is in the safest hands, be assured. The artisans take great care of not directly touching the piece. Members of our talented and skilled teams wear secure protective gear and maintain minimal direct contact. Anyone who shows even faintest symptoms is immediately sent home.



TJC Against Coronavirus

Our warehouse practices caution that keeps your piece absolutely safe. The team that handles your order maintains a strict code of safety and precaution against the spread of Coronavirus. The team works actively in avoiding crowding any area and maintaining a minimum 2 metres distance from one another. We have set up sanitizers at desk and work stations.



TJC against coronavirus

We hand over the products to our delivery partners at this stage. We encourage maintaining a safe distance in all possible areas. Our contactless approach ensures that we take all precautions possible against the spread of Coronavirus. Parts of our units have set up thermal scanners to record temperatures, to stay safe.


Coronavirus has indeed taken the world by shock, but we continue to battle it with a brave face on and safety as our ammunition. You can place your trust in us and continue shopping with TJC. We care about your health and safety and we’ll go a far way to ensure its best.


Keeping safe against Coronavirus at home

TJC against coronavirus

You can practice self-safety at your own individual level, too. Here are some quick tips and tricks to stay safe from Coronavirus:


  1. Avoid crowded areas altogether. A little can go a long way, so it’s best to stay safe and away from closed, crowded places. If you must visit places as such, wear N95 masks.
  2. If you’re suffering from cough, fever, or breathlessness with fatigue, see a doctor. While many common flu illnesses have similar symptoms, it’s safer to stay aware.
  3. Always cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing.
  4. Keep thoroughly washing your hands and sanitizing them at regular intervals.

TJC against coronavirus

(the team “before” social distancing)

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