Eternity rings – meaning and significance

Adorned by men and women, both, eternity rings are the best way to flaunt a promise of endless love and care! They are, unarguably, the best way to put on the flair of a meaningful gesture devoted to love! All of this only makes it important to realize the works of this kind of ring. So, here, we’ll discuss in depth about the meaning of eternity ring, its significance, how it is to be worn, the different styles, and lots more. Present your love not only in the way but also with a poetic meaning embedded in the gesture!

Natural Tsavorite Garnet Full Eternity Ring


What are eternity rings?

Some people popularly regard the eternity rings as infinity rings as well. With the similar meaning, these jewellery adornments are the best way to profess undying love. The beginning of the trend of eternity rings can be timed back to Egyptian era. During the time, the new concept was found studded with precious gems in gleaming yellow gold. However, with time, the designs and additions evolved, and now you can find any kind of stones embellished in a band made of flawless precious metal.

The basic design of the eternity bands has remained the same. The rings are moulded in a circular shape and encrusted with stones all around the band. You may find a lot of different kinds of metals for the basic make, on the TJC website’s eternity collection, like silver, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, et cetera.

18K Rose Gold Natural Pink Diamond Ring


What is the meaning of eternity rings?

The meaning of the eternity or infinity bands is pretty self-explanatory. It is the most preferred kind of sign of utter devotion to your loved one. The whole circle made of a precious metal and embellished with stones represents an endless and ever-lasting kind of love. These rings are most often presented as engagement rings, for both men as well as women.

The meaning can also be understood with the unbroken lines. You will note in an eternity ring the absence of a seam. The unbroken and regular setting of stones in a uniform pattern is the ideal way to represent the kind of love you have for your better half.

14K Yellow Gold Rainbow Sapphire Half Eternity Band Ring


The different kinds

There are two main kinds of eternity bands in the trending market right now. They are

  • Full eternity rings: The full eternity rings are the ones that we have explained above. They are made up of a band of metal and are peppered with an equal and uniform distribution of sparkling stones or milgrain work on all sides. The continuous fine work takes up a lot of time and resources, which makes this kind a little more expensive than the other. In the realm of luxurious jewellery, full eternity rings take away the awards and accolades of utter perfection!

    Aquamarine Silver Full Eternity Stacker Ring
  • Half eternity rings: As the name might make it clear, these rings portray an assembling of the stones only where you can see in, that is the front half of the ring. It saves the resources and cuts the cost. They are also considered more practical and comfortable kind as the stones inside of the full eternity bands tend to bite in the skin, causing mild discomfort over long periods of wear.
Blue Diamond White Diamond Ring


How to wear them?

As we have already established, the eternity rings are made to show your promise of love and devotion. And so, they are the best kind of jewellery for wedding bands. While some people wear these rings as their wedding bands, others like to stack them up with the wedding ring.

The most preferred way of putting this ring on is on the fourth finger of the left hand. This particular custom of wearing the wedding rings dates back to the Egyptian times. People of that time believed the vein of the heart goes through the fourth finger of the left hand, and so the best way to denote love was by bejewelling the finger. Therefore, this wedding custom has been followed ever since.

GP Diamond, Kanchanaburi Blue Sapphire Half Eternity Ring


The setting and cuts of eternity rings

For the sake of convenience and comfort, the stone settings used for the make of eternity rings are the ones that embed the gems into the band. A smooth and comfortable surface of the rings goes a long way in terms of comfort. Channel setting, pave, and bezel are some of the most found settings. You can refer to our catalogue that explains the different kinds of settings for a better understanding.

When speaking of the stone cuts, the long-lasting and durable ones are considered the best, like the emerald cut or princess cut. Round cut stones, in comparison, are not that strong.

African Ruby, White Topaz Full Eternity Ring


Why are diamonds the best choice for eternity rings?

If you research and sift through the plethora of eternity/infinity ring designs, you will note a similar feature popping up time and again; and that’s the use of diamonds. Well, there are reasons for that.

To begin with, diamonds are the first and the closest comrade of women everywhere. No matter the person, she’ll love diamonds! And that alone makes the rings a safe bet. The other reason is the durability of diamonds. They are considered the strongest gemstones on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means that they cannot break or shatter. They don’t tend to lose their sparkle, lustre, or transparency over time either. All of these properties make them the ideal stone to be encrusted.


If we’re looking for a deeper meaning, diamonds also represent everything godly. They represent an unwavering sense of devotion, partnership, love, and fidelity. Several people also use diamonds to symbolise coming future with a life full of togetherness with a loved one.

Diamond Ring in Rose Gold Overlay Sterling Silver


Conclusively, it doesn’t matter if your ring has diamonds or any other gemstone. If you wish to make a grand display of your bubbling emotions, these rings are just the way to go about it! What’s better is that you can find a huge collection of Eternity rings on our website, in the make of any metal of your choice and endless designs. It’s the place to be to shop for love!

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