Eternity Rings

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Eternity rings are very symbolical and classical. This makes it a perfect gift for your special someone. Eternity rings symbolize undying love and devotion. Giving an eternal ring is a gesture of promise to love for eternity. It is usually given as an engagement ring by a man to a woman. Today, eternity rings are given as wedding rings as well. The eternity ring is also given to mark memorable events such as anniversaries.

Fetched from The Jewelry Channel

Eternity rings date back to 4000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. We all know Egyptians have an affinity for jewelry and accessories. It was their practice to give their loved ones with a ring that shows undying love. The ring features a snake swallowing its tail symbolizing unending love. They give this eternity ring as a token for their love and devotion.

Fetched from The Jewellery Channel

Times have changed as so does the design of the eternity ring. We usually see eternity rings embellished with diamonds and other precious stones. Full eternity rings are quite popular these days. A full eternity ring features diamonds running the entire ring creating an endless loop. Diamonds are commonly used in eternity rings because of its durability and beauty. The diamonds represent unbreakable love that lasts for eternity.

Fetched from The Jewellery Channel

Aside from diamonds some other gemstones associated in making eternity rings include sapphire, ruby, topaz, emerald and more. These colorful gems add a different dimension to the eternity rings. There are two types of eternity rings: full eternity and half eternity ring. Full eternity ring features full set of stones while half eternity ring is partially set with stones.

Eternity rings are usually worn on the ring finger. Many women wear it together with the wedding ring or engagement ring. If you don’t like the idea of wearing too many rings on one finger, you can replace your wedding band with the eternity ring. Eternity ring has become a common wedding ring today.





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