An Exciting Update from Stacey!

What’s new with our fabulous presenter Stacey Ellis? We managed to catch up with our lovely presenter Stacey for a much needed update! (WARNING: exciting news ahead!)

Hey to all of you lovely TJC-ers,

I hope you’re all well and loving TJC as much as I am.

I’m so excited to finally have time to catch up with you all and fill you in on everything happening with me at the moment!

I wanted to let you all officially know, even though you may have been able to take a guess from my shows – that I’m ready to pop! Hubby and I are expecting a bouncing baby girl in late July and we are both absolutely ecstatic and cannot wait for embarking on the journey of parenthood together -eek!

Onto more good news (it just doesnt slow down for me), I also have my little sisters wedding to look forward to in August! Although I’m pretty sure i’ll be sleep deprived by then I’m so excited to celebrate such a special day with my sister and hope my stunning Iliana diamonds will distract people from my eye bags – hehe

I feel this year is shaping up to be a very busy but memorable one to say the least and cant wait for all the other wonderful surprises along the way!

This does mean that you will be seeing a lot less of me on TJC but keep catching me until further notice.

Love Stacey x

6 thoughts on “An Exciting Update from Stacey!

  1. Hi Stacey, congratulations to you both on your baby bump, hope all goes well & you & baby have safe delivery, x

  2. Congratulations Stacey to you and your husband.Motherhood is the most rewarding part of life ever enjoy every moment and treasure them forever.Good luck with everything I wish you nothing but the best for you and your husband and what I’m sure will be a beautiful bouncing happy baby girl love and hugs xx from Lyndsey a dedicated TJC Customer who won’t shop anywhere else xxtake good care of you and your new familyxx

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