Experience the charm of Marialite

Marialite is a rare and attractive gemstone with a romantic history to match, and this month TJC is excited to bring you a new collection filled with Marialite to shop!

Originally discoverd by German Mineralogist and gem hunter, Gerhard Vom Rath, Marialite was named after Gerhard’s beautiful wife, Maria.

With such a romantic story attached, we’re sure you’ll make room for this rich coloured honey-yellow stone, ensuring you create your own romantic story, to be passed down from generation to generation.

A bit about Marialite. Found in Italy, Marialite offers an appealing array of colours; white, olive, grey, brown, crimson and pink, however, the most common colour variation of Marialite is a honey-yellow hue – the more intense the better!

A Collectors Item. Although a lesser known gem to you and I, this stone is a rare mineral highly sought after among gem collectors. Sitting at 5.5-6 on the Mohs scale these stones are relatively hardwearing and perfect for pulling out for special occasions, especially when you want to make a striking statement.

Fancy Folklore. As Marialite is a new and rare gemstone, it doesn’t have a lot of folklore surrounding it, but, in traditional Hindu belief systems, Marialite is thought to balance the flow of energy in the lower chakras as well as Anahata or the heart chakra, which governs decision making, the emotions and love.

Magical Protection. Marialite stones are said to enhance wisdom and intellect, as well as bring materialistic comfort and wealth. It is a protective gemstone that will ward off the “evil eye” or negative vibes as well as promote harmony and mental or emotional balance.

Experience Marialite for yourself and be sure to catch our new collection live  in action next Tuesday from 10am! 


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