Explore the world of Opal

It’s October and our favourite festive season of the year is just around the corner, but what we’re looking forward to most of all, is styling the mysterious and mystical Opal.

Opal, also known to be a fantasy of nature, is one of the most beautiful gemstones. With the evidence of its existence dating as back as 300 BC, Opal has earned a special place in jewellery making for centuries now. Most of you may know it reflects captivating colours but there still has been a lot unknown about this intriguing gem…

Not a gemstone but a phenomenon. In the ancient times, the Arabs believed Opal to have fallen from the heavens in flashes of lightning, the Greeks believed it to have formed by the tears of joy wept by Zeus and the Australian legend states that a huge Opal governs the stars. Scientifically, Opal is formed by the rainwater that seeps down the crevasses in the rock; once it evaporates the remaining silica dries out and hardens into precious Opal. It diffracts light like no other gemstone can, making it a beautiful phenomenon.

Colour is its strong suite. Derived from the Greek word ‘Opalus’, which means to see a change in colour, Opal has a vibrant spectrum of colours ranging from clear through white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, slate, and black with black Opals being the rarest and most sought after. They are cloudy, they are fiery, they are gorgeously soft too and the boulder Opals are purely artistic; it is this variety of colours that makes Opal wearable across seasons.

Spiritually acclaimed. Opal is associated with innocence, hope and faith and the change in colour is believed to indicate the health and mental state of the wearer. While the ancient Greeks believed the Opal wearer had the ability to predict the future, the Romans considered it a symbol of hope and purity.

Incredible gift. It is said that no two Opals are the same, which makes them a great individual gift with its vast range of colours suiting diverse personalities and styles. In addition to being the October birthstone, Opal is also associated with the zodiac signs Scorpio and Libra and is official gemstone gift for the 14th wedding anniversary.

Worth knowing. Opal has been found on Mars and hence is one of the very few gemstones to have been discovered outside of Earth. It was Queen Victoria’s favourite gemstone, the national gemstone of Australia, and is known as the Queen of Gemstones and the Anchor of Hope.

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