Eye Makeup Mistakes Most Commonly Made

Eye speaks drama and saying that is no bad. After all, you have tried your arm and leg to make your peepers pop and apparently, you have failed to do so. Instead of making it  look bold and vivacious you have turned it look tiny and tired. In eye makeup, sometimes you get overboard with eyeshadow smouldering and eyeliner tricks and at times you just went too little to pop it out.

 So, with all that fuss, you must have realised the makeup glitches are there. But where are they actually? Well, don’t worry we are going to enlighten you about that right here:

Kohl on the waterline

While putting on makeup this is the first thing done. Putting the kohl on the waterline to make it look piercing but sadly this technique won’t work if you have small eyes. Instead, putting nude eyeliner will help to make eyes look bigger.

Why not Curling?

Eye Curler is a blessing and many have not been showering their makeup adroitness with this power packed tool. So drop your fears of using an eyelash curler and make some flawless lash experience.

eye makeup

Don’t place dark eyeshadow on the inner corner

While the inner corner of your eyes is already dark, why make it intense by putting a dark pigmented eye shadow? Rather apply a cream based pearly or nude eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes and apply the dark tones to smudge outwards.

Messing with a wrong concealer

The choice of concealer you make helps in popping out your makeup the brilliant way. Here the undertone of dark circles helps in picking up the right concealer. A pinkish tint for green circles and opt for a peachy tint for blue or purple undertones. By this way, the concealer will not fake and look pro natural.

Not applying primer

Primer is go-to when you want your eye makeup to set. That said, eyes are often ignored with primer application. It helps in holding the eyeshadow and eyeliner like freshly done. Having a gorgeous eye makeup with the right methods will let your peepers pop, and days when you are not wearing any face makeup it covers you pretty well.

Curling after mascara application

Well by doing this you are inviting more damage than good. Don’t do it then. While you can simply curl your lashes before mascara application, why to do it afterwards? Better let the curled lashes get dramatic with mascara and you are sorted with voluminous lashes.

The wrong Cat eye

When one lines the eyes into an extended cat eye look, one should be extra cautious. Let the eyeliner be extended upwards and extended beyond the eye. If extended downwards, the eyes will look droopy and smaller.

We’re Saying..

Wear the most gorgeous eye makeup and yes, DO IT RIGHT. No fail now!

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