Face Masks – Which One to Pick

Our world is changing, and so are our surroundings. We, thus, need to keep up with the changing times and adapt according to our new environment. While we try to maintain utmost safety from our end, but we do tend to sometimes even unconsciously slip on it. While sanitisers have become the new normal, so have face masks and face covers.

The widespread of common diseases and infections through aerosols and other airborne particles has made the use of face coverings common amongst all. Designed to “protect” us from the evil of diseases, the masks and covers is a new revolution for a healthy life.


Exploring some face mask varieties that are common are as follows:


Reusable Masks or Covers

Sustainability and protecting our environment are as important as protecting our selves. The design of these face covers is to go hand in hand, protecting you and your environment. The design and construction of these are made from durable fabric materials like cotton that is extremely comfortable and long-lasting, allowing you to reuse them. These can also be known as washable masks and thus can be worn again when you step out once washed and sanitised at your home.

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Kids Reusable Face Cover in Dark Blue Colour

6 Layer Anti Dust Face Covering in Red Colour

Reusable Fashion Face Covering With Rhinestones Crystals



Face Masks or Covers with Filters

Another excellent range that can be seen in the market comprises of face covers with filters. Many variants come with active multiple-layer filtration technology to keep the pollutants at bay. With stunning colours and winning designs, these go hand in hand with all that has been trending. If you’re not fond of covers made of sponge or other dense material, then fabric face masks and covers sure do come in handy.

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Colour Changing Rechargeable LED Luminous Face Cover

6 Layer Anti Dust Face Covering in Black Colour

Reusable Anti Dust Face Cover with Breathing Valve


Printed Face Covers or Masks

Tweaking the new normal is excellent as it helps us cope and become friendly with the situation. Thus, the birth of printed face covers. Donning the plain and monochrome covers and masks can often give you a dull look, while these fun and quirky printed covers bring a new dimension to your look. Incorporate these to display your personal style and taste. What’s better is that these reusable face masks in the UK are trending on top because of the chic prints!

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Reusable Fashion Face Covering With Rhinestones Crystals

2 Layer Mask Decorated With Glass Rhinestones Face Cover

6 Layer Heart Pattern Reusable Face Covering


Masks and Covers with a Transparent Window

Cleverly designed also to meet the needs of persons who are hearing impaired and depend on lip-reading, these masks are a great innovation. Featuring a transparent window and a surrounded by a sponge construction to fit the contours of your face, these face covers are the new trend and are here to stay as they are extremely user friendly and are something new than the normal ones. We do have other variants such as cotton face masks and covers or even only cloth face masks, which are more appropriate for people seeking more comfort.

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Bucket Protection Hat with Detachable Safety Protective Face Eye Covering Shield Screen

Daisy Pattern Reusable Two layer Face Cover with Transparent Window

Transparent Protective Sponge Face Cover


Silk and Chiffon Scarf Face Covers

Now protect yourself in a dual manner with these innovative scarf face covers that are a stylish accessory as well as serve the purpose to keep you safe in public areas as well as from the harsh heat of the sun. Their soft material construction of silk and chiffon fabrics makes them a viable piece of a fashionable covering. Draped around your neck and looped at your ears, these stay intact despite their delicate and soft material. The face masks pattern here is made to follow the colours of the season, too.

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2 in 1 Chiffon Soft Feel Scarf and Protective Face Covering

2 in 1 Floral Pattern 100% Mulberry Silk Scarf and Protective Face Covering

2 in 1 Block Pattern 100% Mulberry Silk Scarf and Protective Face Covering


Let’s together face and fight these viruses, infections and diseases and keep ourselves protected and well-prepared in the coming times. With a wide range and variety available of face masks online in the UK, these face covers are here to stay and add an extra edge to look with different variants and looks.




If you wish to keep your face covers sanitised at home, we have some expert solutions for these, too. Introducing a clever range of sanitisers that can take care of your masks among other everyday objects, too.

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