Fall in love this summer

This summer fall in love with yourself!

A fiery season is here which means it’s time to love everything about yourself, the good, the bad and the damn right ugly, and forget all the unnecessary life stresses, that ultimately don’t matter – instead work towards being happy.

When it comes to criticising ourselves, we may go a little overboard. One great example of this is our lust for getting the perfect summer body. We know results will not come overnight yet a lot of us expect it, so we suffer in order to get right results in the wrong way.

Alongside this we put a lot of pressure on ourselves in other parts of our lives, which then leads to us having a hectic and overbearing life, leaving not much time left for people and things we love.

So, here are 5 great steps to follow which will have you falling in love with yourself and life all over again, allowing you to feel fab and guilty free for the summery season!

Stop comparing yourself to others
“Be yourself because everyone else is taken” is a cliché saying but a saying that definitely rings true in this post. Everyone in this world is unique, even the most identical of twins! So, stop comparing yourself to everyone else. Work with what you have and turn what you see as a negative thing about yourself turn into a positive, allow your flaws to work for you! Self-improvement and self-criticism is great especially when you give yourself realistic goals to achieve, and once these are achieved you will then be able to see a difference in yourself and get the reaction from others you desired.

If you don’t like what you see, do something about it (or get a new mirror)
Despite any flaws or dislikes you may have about yourself, a good thing to remember you can always change or improve these things – if you really want to of course! It’s so easy for us to pin point all the bad things that need to be improved or adjusted but doing nothing about it, this summer if you make a difference do it or let it be and get on with life.

What’s great about you?
There are a lot of great qualities and positive attributes you should give yourself credit for. Self -praise is not sad, it’s rather therapeutic, and once you learn to love and appreciate yourself the easier it will be for other people to. So, grab a notebook and make a list of the great things about you, then make a list of the things you feel you could improve, this will allow you to make realistic and constructive goals for yourself, to tackle things on the negative side.

Give yourself some ‘ME’ time
A bit of personal time is great for everyone. ‘Me’ time gives you a chance to reflect on how you have been working towards your goals, while also making new goals for yourself. Having time for yourself is also great for relaxing and de-stressing from a hectic day allowing you to gain new energy in order to tackle a new day. Sometimes it’s benefitting to be selfish, so enjoy enjoy your own company doing a spot of online shopping on TJC.co.uk 😉

Ditch the ‘IN’ crowd
Let this summer be a season of positive vibes and ultimate happiness, after all the sun doesn’t stay around for long, so make the very most of it. No one wants to be unhappy when the sun is out, so do what makes you happy! If you don’t like what’s currently in – ditch it, instead follow your own trends, and pursue your genuine interests despite what others are doing. Additionally, surround yourself with positive people. Having a positive energy around you will also allow you to view yourself in a new light as your friends will encourage you to be the best you can, while loving you regardless.

Remember, make this season all about you!

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