Festive fever: Christmas beauty trends

It’s nearly Christmas, which means you’re probably in the midst of preparing for your festive party. While you may have already picked out your frock, you may be a little unsure about how you’re going to do your makeup.

If you usually play it safe with a winged eyeliner flick and a slick of lipgloss, you might want to vamp things up a little for the party season by going bolder. This doesn’t mean applying heavy layers of makeup, though; as simply accentuating one or two main features can create a striking and glamorous look.

Here’s how:

Gold smoky eye

If there’s a shade that we most associate with the Christmas season, it’s definitely got to be gold. The metallic finish of gold eyeshadows work to catch the light and draw the eye.

Combine a gold shadow with a charcoal or dark brown shade, blending together to create a dramatic and stunning smoky eye.

Glitter lips

There’s no going wrong with a bit of sparkle and shine, no matter what time of year, but the festive period gives us all the more reason to go all out. Glitter lips are a big autumn/winter beauty trend, with the look being sported by numerous celebrities on social media.

Simply choose your desired lipstick shade, then add a layer of clear lipgloss and carefully dab on loose glitter flecks using a lip brush. The result? Luscious, sparkling lips that will give everyone pout envy.

Shimmery cheekbones

Strobing is another popular beauty trend this season, so take it from the catwalk to the ball by adorning your cheekbones in a shimmery highlighter.

You can use liquid or powder highlighter to achieve this look. Be careful not to go overboard though, as it can start to look too harsh and a little greasy if you apply too much. Instead, gently dab the highlighter over your bronzer and along your cheekbones.

You’ll be left with a gorgeous, frosty sheen that will catch the light and most definitely make you the belle of the ball.

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