Fiery November Birthstones – Citrine and Topaz

The end of the year is upon us – we just love the feeling! Not just because the festivities are in full swing and soon everything will be new – calendars, diaries, plans, resolutions but also because the end of the year brings along twin birthstones for the remaining months.

November has the sunny gemstones citrine and topaz to brighten up the lives and moods in this wintry month. They are not lesser known gemstones in any way but we are sure that most of you do not know them in and out, so here we are simplifying them for you.

Let us tantalise you with topaz!

Not all yellow gems are topaz and not every topaz is yellow; it, in fact, this fantastic gem appears in a spectrum of colours. ‘The’ original topaz is colourless in nature. So how does it get it’s colour? It is often infused with impurities, and it is these inclusions that give topaz it’s fabulous range of hues.

The main source of Topaz has been Brazil since the 19th century, but its also found in Pakistan and Russia. The qualities associated with topaz are passion, intensity, determination, strength, tenacity, dedication and resilience. It is believed to not only balance emotions but also promote wisdom, and enhance spirituality and reasoning prowess.

Calling all citrine lovers

Citrine is a variety of yellow gems from the quartz family. Ranging is lemony yellows to deep tangerine hues, citrine is found throughout the world – but interestingly enough it’s the geography that determines the colour of the citron coloured gemstone.

Citrine is associated with gentle properties like peace, prosperity, loyalty, healing and creativity. Known both as the ‘Healing Quartz’ for it can comfort, soothe and calm as well as the ‘Merchant’s Stone’ for it is believed to can attract wealth and prosperity – we’re willing to give it a whirl!

November twins

el-dorado-topazCitrine and topaz are unrelated gemstones, however the two yellow jewels have often been mistaken for each other throughout history. Topaz and citrine both also have similar hardness level and are extremely durable – great for jewellery making. The good news for us is that both of these gems are abundantly available which needs they are fairly reasonably prices – there are exceptions of course – take the amazing El-Dorado Topaz, weighing in at a gargantuan 31,000 carats (13.67 lbs)!

Hope you had fun reading these little snippets of info about citrine and topaz. Do you know any fab facts about these gorgeous gemstones? Let us know in the comments below!

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