Fight for Safety – Hand Sanitisers, Facemasks, & More

It’s the flu season again and this time, it’s worse. Pollution is at an all-time high and we’re all leading rather compromised lifestyles. During these testing times, it’s important for us all to stay safe and stay clean. To help you out in the best of our capacity, we’re bringing you lines of all essentials you need. Find use and requirement of sanitisers, gloves, masks, and a lot more, given all here.



Hand Sanitisers

Sanitisers on TJC

We tend to touch a lot many surfaces in our routine. On our way to work, at our work, even at our home, we tend to pick several germs and infections just by touching something as ordinary as a doorknob. This is why we suggest continuous use of hand sanitisers. Alcohol-based hand sanitisers are always a better option, seeing as to how they kill the germs and bacteria. You can also pick the sanitisers that are in spray bottles, packed in a convenient size, and carry them along. Frequent use of these is suggested, as they’ll help you keep any surface-bound germs away.




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Another way to ensure cleanliness is by keeping the surfaces clean and tidy altogether. Surfaces like kitchen counters, floor, door handles, among others are very commonly infected. Frequent cleansing of those can help in reducing the risk of transmission of common ailments, like the flu. All you require is a quick-working and fast-resulting surface cleaner or disinfectant, better if it’s alcohol-based, so you can kill the bacteria and germs.



Gloves on TJC

Yet another trick to keep safe is wearing gloves. There are lots of varieties found in the market, some made in plastic, while others made in latex. Find the ones that you’re okay with. It’s better if you opt for the ones that are breathable. Always read and know about how long you can wear the gloves before disposing of them. You tend to touch your hands most to your mouth, so it’s vital to keep your hands away from germs and bacteria. Always keep your hands clean and wash them with soap for about 20 seconds, minimum.



Face Mask

Face masks on TJC

Heavy traffic on the roads results into a higher rate of pollution, too. You can’t reduce the traffic, but you can sure ensure you’re safer away from pollution. Ensure you’ve got a good-quality anti-pollution face mask on before you’re leaving for out. There are lots of options in the market, some of the simple ply material, other of sponge. N95 facemasks have seen tremendous popularity in recent times. The trick to wearing facemask is that you shouldn’t ever touch it or remove it from the nose or mouth; always remove it by the ears.

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