Fighting Child Hunger with Your Purchase Feeds

As per the data from the Action Against Hunger organization, 21.3 % of children saw stunted growth in 2019 due to malnutrition. The truth is countless children across the world have to struggle for their daily meals on a regular basis. Being born in a family which is not financially stable is not something that we can control but making sure no child sleeps empty stomach has become one of the cornerstones of TJC’s services. 

Child Hunger

Today, it has been six years since we started our one-for-one program under which each buy on our website made a child happy with a nutritious meal he or she deserves. For every person, childhood is truly the best phase of their life. It is the time when we educate ourselves and are curious about everything happening around us. 

Being a privileged community, we always wanted to bring a change in the world. While we succeeded in our quest by serving 47 Million meals across India and UK in the past years, our visionary team hadn’t yet accomplished what it wished. 

This time we came up with a plan which not only allows you to create a significant contribution to the growth of children served by two big charities we teamed with but also experience their joy. We have extended our one-for-one programme to ‘Your Purchase Feeds’. To support us in the noble cause, what you need to do is just make your usual purchases at TJC. Now, we will not only serve a mid-day meal to a hungry child at Magic Breakfast or Akshaya Patra (our two trusted charities) but will also provide you glimpse of how the children are flaring. Excited to meet them? We are, too!

Eradicating Child Hunger

Being a part of their commendable journey and seeing them transform into more confident individuals, equipped with the required knowledge to survive the daily struggles, is a magical experience. It isn’t just food that is served to the children but your compassion and love, making every meal extra special. 

From 11 of April, you can expect to become the proud spectators of the wonderful journey children at Magic Breakfast and Akshaya Patra undergo. We are excited to tell you our present count has reached 53,000 meals a day, all because of you. TJC is grateful for your loyalty and constant support and, in the coming future too will continue nurturing the young community. 

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