Finding your GOLD Jewellery: White, Yellow or Rose Gold?

If we go with antiquity, gold jewellery in the colour yellow is a timeless classic with its invincible warmth, shine and of course value. White gold, on the other hand, looks modish and rose gold always stand out. Therefore, choosing the colours in the same metal is a thing. Because colour matters! 

Undoubtedly, you must have worn the hats of facing some utter apprehensions and simply choked your throat on which gold bling should make a place to your collection? So, here we are bringing a guide ALL About GOLD. It may help you decide the right metal colour for your collection.

The purest gold is of 24K. But it is too soft to be used in most jewellery and is further strengthened with alloys like copper and silver. The preferred gold is in 22K, 18K, 14K, and 9K.

Yellow Gold

Personal colour choice arises when people knows what suits their particular style. For instance, yellow gold can wash out the ones with pale skin tone. But at the same time, it enlightens the warm and dark skin tone. Though it’s not a sin adorning a gorgeous Yellow gold jewellery for making the waves of a statement look.

Our say: Go with it if you need some eclectic bling with gemstones like emerald, ruby or sapphire.

White gold

White gold is stealing the spotlight in the jewellery world for quite some time now. It has in it to depict seamless elegance. White complements with almost all skin tone and flatters to give a subtle jewel love. White gold also enhances the beauty of high-grade colourless diamond by blending effortlessly with it. In fact, it is simply awestruck in bringing out the unwanted yellow in a graded diamond to a very light colour. It is the sheer contrast between the colours that lead the diamond pop out with the white base or hold.

Our say: White gold with almost every gemstone look sought after. The fine chemistry of Tanzanite and White Gold is surreal and tanzanite rings give all goals for a dreamy engagement ring.

Rose Gold

If we have to say something about rose gold- it is pretty, it is different. So, why not incorporate a pop of colour to your oh-so-usual jewellery collection with a subtle rose gold intervention?

Yes, gold can blush as gold when combined with copper forms rose gold. This warm pink-hued metal is making waves of fashion stories on the runway and celebs bling is ON TREND. It is pretty, warm and poppy to open rooms for lots of experimentation. Stacking bracelets? It will be an ideal bet. Rose gold rings too are gaining mass appeal in the recent times.

Today, rose gold jewellery on fingers, neck, ears and arms, is attaining the attention along with rose gold accents on clothing and accessorising equally.

Our say: If you have to style rose gold jewellery, then let it complement with neutral shades like beige, whites and pastels. It is all the rage to give a distinctive touch to the wedding jewellery.  

So, people find the bling that matches your soul and find your kinda GOLD.

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