Flowers or Diamonds – What’s the Protocol?

Let’s say…hypothetically of course, I am a chizzled featured gentleman who has just come out of the doldrums of singledom in my late thirties, and am faced with the most difficult question known to man. Flowers or diamonds? So I like her…a lot…but we have only been dating for a short while, diamonds would seem to me to be a little….errrrrrr…too much. I don’t want her to get a fright…of sorts…and leave me for a less forthcoming chizzled featured man.

That said, what if flowers are on offer…and her thoughts pertain to ‘’How long do I have to wait before a sparkling solitaire Iliana is placed on one of my favourite fingers?’’ Does it come down to time of courtship or the level of being swept off the proverbial feet? Tusk Tusk…so you lovely ladies think you have it bad? This is the devastatingly difficult dilemma I am faced with. So…decision pending, I’ll let you decide…Is it to be Stem or Solitaire?

Signing Out
Simple Sam

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