Freshly Ground…Never Instant

And so the Galley was delivered, not with whistles or bows…but rather sentiment and a dash of instant. In a single moment, in one fragment of my imagination…it made sense…the awkward intrepidation of not knowing whether the internal smile came from a place of earnest origin or masked approval. I understand now that importance of the unknown, the unexpected anticipation of it all and finally the value that has no monetary connotation.

It is the moment she saw it…the moment she valued my thoughts on defining and designing one single exquisite piece of Jewellery that now sits around her neck. It’s not the words that matter…it’s the silence. It’s the unspoken truth that communicates my compatibility with endearing thought and intrepid internal exploration in finding the source of her approval. The instant may have been poor, it normally always is…but the moment was freshly ground in pure unadulterated bliss.

Signing Out

Simple Simon

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