Garnets galore…

January’s birthstone, the beautiful Garnet is thought to be the gemstone of protection and brings good luck, friendship and loyalty. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a January baby to wear Garnets, they’re perfect for everyone.

Once upon a time

  • The garnet was revered in the ancient world. For many years it was thought to bring good luck. Amulets and talisman were worn by travelers and explorers to ensure safety.
  • Not just a protective gemstone, it is also thought to be a symbol of devotional and unconditional love.

The nuts and bolts 

  • Garnet ringThe word garnet is derived from the Greek word “granatum” which means pomegranate seed. The prefect description really, reflecting the shape and color of the gemstone.
  • Normally you think of Garnets being a deep red, however it comes in a myriad of colours and varieties – pyrope (orange red, crimson, or dark red), almandine (red-purple), spessartite (autumnal reds, oranges and browns), demantoid (rich green), rhodolite (purple-red) and tsavorite (green).
  • Being extremely durable, garnets are ideal for cutting and polishing jewellery. But although used industrially, they do have a high refractive index which makes them very sparkly. Because they are so hardy and glittery them are perfect for jewellery.

Now for the shopping

It doesn’t matter if you are a January baby or not, you all deserve some garnet. It has the heyday feel – there’s just something magical about it. Make sure you don’t pass up this precious gem; whether it be a beautiful brooch, stunning studs or a pretty pendant. Take a look at the look book below and then browse our fab Garnet collection.

Garnet Look Book

Do you have any garnets? Are they for you? Let us know in the reply box below.

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