The Gem of the Sun – Peridot

It’s August. The start of a new month which means its time to love and adore this month’s birthstone – Peridot! We’ve had good weather and now it’s heating up even more, we’re guaranteed highs of 27 over the next few weeks. And with the coming sunshine, Peridot, the gem of the sun seems to be the perfect match!

After all girls just wanna have SUN!

Peridot is a luxurious green coloured gemstone, although colours can vary from pale yellow -green to a deep olive green, and TJC have every style and colour variation you could dream of, so take a look!

August’s birthstone is one of the few gemstones to occur in just one colour, showing just how special and mesmersing Peridot really is. Peridot is naturally lustrous and shiny and does not depend on light to complement its colour, clarity or quality.

Did you know that this olive toned gem is a forsterite – fayalite mineral and an iodiochromatic stone which means it derives its natural colour from the mineral alone instead of other impurities?

Peridot has been mined for at least 5000 years and was a stone adorned over Egyptians bodies in 1580BC – it seems to have a vast and interesting history, being called ‘emerald of the crusades’!

This month embellish your bodies like the Egyptians with beautiful Peridot. If you are staying in the UK, let your maxi dress do the talking and only decorate your ears with these Hebei Peridot Chandelier Earrings which will gently skim your jaw line. If you are jetting off on holiday to somewhere in Europe, add finer details to your evening dress with this Hebei Peridot ring, which will glimmer against your sun kissed skin, tie your look together with this tennis style bracelet which will further allow your tan to glow, while showing off a brilliant green shimmer of the Peridot stones.

Delve into the beauty of Peridot today and experience a stunning gem compared to the sun!

Will you be wearing Peridot this month?

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