Gems perfect for AW/15

We’ve still got another few weeks of ‘summer’ however it’s not looking great for us Brits at the moment.

The autumn and winter months are looming over us, so it’s about time to start thinking about ways to sparkle even when the suns not shining.

Of course loads of your jewellery is transeasonal, but we have sifted through all our gems to bring you some specific and season perfect stones you should be wearing in the next few months as the weather get cooler. Take a look at gems perfect for AW/15…

These stones have always been prized for their outstanding beauty and eye catching colour formations. As the weather transitions, Opal is a great stone which holds iridescent and lustrous qualities, which will reflect grey skies and brighten up any gloomy day. This stone will look perfect against faux fur trimmings during colder months. Try these opaque blue Ethiopian Opal and diamond drop earrings perfect for skimming the jaw-line for ultimate sophistication.

This mysterious and luminescent stone is adored by many for its shimmering and ethereal beauty. Although Moonstone comes in a few colour variations, Rainbow Moonstone  is my personal favourite. This stone is the perfect partying companion, so pair with a LBD for a classic look, with simple additions of shimmer. You can never go wrong with a ring, this rainbow moonstone and diamond ring is perfect for giving you some sophisticated elegance.

This magnificent gem is adored for its outstanding beauty and rarity and even described as mesmerising due to its dramatic colour transformation seen in different light. With Alexite you really get two gems in one! Pick between Lavender if you want to appreciate clear airy skies or choose Autumn Alexite if you want your jewellery to reflect fallen leaves.

Labradorite is sultry and moody stone, yet you can find slight colour variations. This stone holds serious iridescent sheen and is thought to be formed when the Northern Lights become trapped in a stone! TJC has a remarkable range of Labradorite but what will really work as the season change is this oval bangle which will peep under and long sleeves. A Labradorite pendant like this Royal Bali Solitaire pendant can be worked stunningly in and out of the office layered over a cosy jumper.

Tiger Eye
As the weather get colder, we are more than likely to be wrapped up in leathers and furs, trying to keep as warm as possible. The Tiger’s Eye stones display some of the richest colours and textures we have yet discovered in gems. Wear this deeply coloured stones with rustic colours like burnt oranges, burgundies and browns for a sleek 70’s edge. This beautiful chandelier necklace will work greatly with layered up style.

Check out more deep hued and lustrous gemstones perfect for later months now!

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