Gender Neutral Jewellery

As the times change and evolve, we can see a beautiful difference in the runway fashions. In this modern era, there has been a massive shift in deciding the gender of jewellery. Many designers across the globe refuse to make their collections bend on any side of the gender scale, and instead come up with gender neutral jewellery pieces that can be worn by anyone.


The modern thought asks – why should we limit ourselves? Why do we need to label simple sparklers for men or women, when everyone and anyone could be wearing them? At TJC, we agree well with the point made. This article contributes to the thought and displays some gorgeous ranges of gender neutral jewellery that can be worn regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman.


What is Gender Neutral Jewellery?

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The answer to the above question is quite simple. Any jewellery piece that isn’t overtly masculine or feminine can be classed under this category. These picks can be fashioned by anyone who likes them! At TJC, we believe in shattering stereotypes and giving freedom to all your individual choices. From rings and chains to even earrings, you have the choice of flaunting whichever stunner you like. So, come over and express yourself however you like.



Simple or sparkling rings enhance your flair in the best way. More often than not, we see different collections of men’s rings and women’s rings, but some simple pieces can be worn regardless. Studded with gemstones or gleaming in the plain metal finish, worn on the fingers or the thumb, they look impactful in any and every way. Rings were worn by emperors and noblemen in the older times and in the modern world, we note some popular celebrities fashioning beautiful pieces, too.



Iconic yet extremely simple, anyone can wear a bracelet. With an extra element of versatility, the pieces can be worn daily or paired with some special ensembles. Studded with sparkling gems or crafted with neat links, these delights are made to suit any fashion choice, and quite wonderfully so. You can wear a single-chain bracelet alone or pair them with your watches. You may also pair a slew of different styles in a bracelet, the choice is yours.



Often regarded feminine, pendants have seen their value in the styles of countless. But, as of recently emerging trends, you may also find a number of simple-design pendants that can be worn by everyone. These delicate pieces can sport as the main component of your attire and can also accompany your other accessories. Our simple and delicate designs make it easy to wear them alone or paired with other pendants, too.



However, regarded more in women’s fashion, necklaces have been worn by everyone for as long as time can tell. Simple chain necklaces or in beads jewellery, these find it easy to be paired with a whole selection of styles, and hence, are a part of our gender neutral jewellery picks. You can easily experiment with the different lengths, widths, and colours of this selection and find something that suits your style perfectly.



Earrings are just another part of gender neutral jewellery picks that can be worn by both men and women. Choose a simple style, preferably solitaire earrings, and these will accompany your style in the best of ways. Made of shining metal or studded with small gemstones, these don’t have to define you, just compliment you.

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