Get bead-dazzled…..

Are you ready to get bead-dazzled. At Spring/Summer 2013 fashion week, beaded necklaces rocked the runways. The who’s who of the designers were using all shapes and sizes of beads to add some extra pizazz to their designs. Chanel stood out with big gobstopper sized pearl chokers while Gucci stayed with beaded coral necklaces. Beaded necklaces are going to steal the scene with a variety of textures and colors.

Kristin Bell (Gossip Girl fame) was spotted at “The Lifeguard” Premiere – 2013 Sundance Film Festival. She was totally rocking a beaded necklace. It’s a mad eclectic mix of beads and gemstones. Have a look at some of the TJC alternatives….. This is a trend you can’t miss out on.

Beaded Necklaces

So how do we wear them? Do we just bung on any old beads, no no, of course not. So let’s see how to do it…

The long and the short of it… The first thing you’ll find is that beaded necklaces come in so many different lengths. Wear long beaded necklaces with shift dresses, jeans and sleek lines. Shorter beaded necklaces have a more classic feel, great for work and a special dinner.

Cunning colour… Beads come in a kaleidoscope of colours and styles. Crystal, gemstone, glass, wood and metal, enable us to choose from any colour. Wear the new Pantone Spring 2013 colours, jaded gray, dusk blue and emerald green to brighten up your winter day – you’ll definitely get into the “Spring” of things! Choose shiny metal finishes for a more contemporary look.

Size matters… Smaller beads will give a more delicate feminine feel – even if you’ve heaped them on. Larger baubles are more edgy and will give you a more “on trend” look. Generally keep your other jewellery to a minimum or you may risk an overdone look.

So there you have it – you should be all prepared for this funky Spring style. Other than just being fabulous, it’s super affordable and that’s definitely something we can’t ignore (we all love a bargain).

So what about you, what do you think about the new trend? Love it, hate it?

Love TJC xxx

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