Get perfect beachy waves in a flash

When it comes to spring and summer, there’s one trend that comes back year after year: beachy waves. This loose and easy hairstyle is a great way to soften your look and create a lightly tousled style that makes it seem as though you’ve just stepped off the beach.

It is also great for numerous hair lengths, suiting long tresses or short styles and being super flattering no matter what. But how can you perfect your beachy waves without a handy sea breeze?

There are some really simple ways to create this look so you can create a chic boho vibe in moments. Here are some tips you can try:

Long hair

This is a quick and easy way to get the beach wave look if you have long hair and can leave you ready to go in just a few minutes.

Simply split your hair into two sections and then split each of those into two. On one side, twist both smaller sections completely before twisting them together to create one long section of hair.

Use your hair straighteners to heat the twist by pressing it along the twist for a few seconds at a time, starting at the top. Let the hair cool completely before untwisting and you’ll have loose beach waves. Repeat on the other side for a winning look.

Short hair

Shorter hair can be more difficult to style when it comes to beach waves, but you can still get this look.

Start by separating your hair into a top and bottom section, tying the top part up and out of the way. Use a heated hair curler to lightly curl the bottom layer, focusing on the ends if your hair if it is really short to avoid any straight ends when all your hair is down.

You can then start curling the top section of your hair, which is best to do in layers so you get smaller waves. It is a good idea to change how you hold your curling iron so you avoid identical ringlet curls.

This means alternating between holding your iron vertically and horizontally, which will create two different types of curls. You only need to curl the hair for a few seconds at a time to achieve loose waves.

Once you’ve curled all your hair, spray it with a sea salt spray and gently scrunch it to loosen your curls and create a natural looking beach wave.

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Image: iStock/iprogressman

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