Get Ready for Sapphire -September’s Birthstone

Where has the month of August gone?!

It seems as though August has sped by and left us in a hazy daze. This month we opened up our hearts to the Evening Emerald – Peridot. We learned a lot about the national stone of Egypt but fortunately for you, birthstones continue to get better from here on… and now it’s time get ready for Sapphire -September’s birthstone!

Traditionally, Sapphire – a name which originated from the Greek name ‘sappheiros’ meaning blue stone – is recognised by its supreme ‘cornflower’ blue hues, however, this lustrous stone can be found in a vast spectrum of colours such as, pink, black, white and even yellow.

It’s no lie that Sapphires are a versatile stone, but why should you be lusting after this ring this September?

Sapphires are adored by royals all around the world, and one iconic royal role model who loves sapphire is Princess Kate Middleton! Her engagement ring features a whopping blue Sapphire stone surrounded by stunning white diamonds, what more could you ask for?

Sapphires are a popular gemstones and high in the ranks alongside Ruby and just below Diamond, but the reason Sapphires are so dazzling is that they are also pleochroic, meaning the gemstones colour is intensified when viewed at different angles.

Pink Sapphire –Everyone’s going crazy for pretty bubble-gum shades this season and that’s why pink gemstones have become ever more popular, and not only for the girly-girl.

We still have six more days to indulge in the perfect transeasonal stone, Peridot, but gear up for intense colour with lustrous Sapphires

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