Listen Up, Shoppers: Get Ready For Huge Black Friday Bargains

The Christmassy vibes are already suffusing into the air, and before you realise it, Thanksgiving is just here. The glorious Friday that arrives just after Thanksgiving is the D-day for shoppers around the world. Apparently, shopping on Black Friday is not for the faint at heart. With deals ushering from possibly every website, the unfathomably succulent savings one make is hard to get your eyes off.

But if you are the one who has waited patiently for best jewellery, lifestyle and fashion deals from past eleven months for the biggest sale of the season, you won’t be disappointed if you come handy with little preparations.

Black Friday Shopping Tips

Don’t get lured with offers that seem too good to be true

As the sale season is in full swing, many a times websites increase the value and mark up on the price and then offer a discount. Certainly, seems to be a massive discount, but surely isn’t. Keep an eye and investigate the deal – if it is really worth the price.

Don’t forget to sign up for email and subscribe to newsletters

It is the best way to avail genuine discount codes and remain updated about offers, that too before anyone else. Ensure you don’t miss any of the buzz and signup for the emails and newsletters beforehand.

Make your list in advance

Cue the Big Black Friday sale and ensure you have got your list prepared. Decide what you would like to gift to your loved ones in advance. Your significant women in life will appreciate jewellery as an invincible choice to magically let them blush with ecstasy.

Shop early to avoid any possible shipping delays

Black Friday is the day of endless treats that could be for your year-long wait or for the festive cheer. Whatever it is for, prioritise your shopping list and shop early. Today, sellers are offering Black Friday sale before the big day itself. Hence, you can save yourself time from the last minute rush and avoid possible shipping delays.

Debunking The Common Black Friday Online Shopping Myths

Websites are overcrowded and slow

This would be shameful for any e-commerce giant to offer a weak user and web interface on this big day. It seemingly came as a common notion. Contrary to the myth, the back end and customer support work exponentially well to give a smooth shopping experience to the customers for a hassle-free shopping.

No point to shop on Black Friday

Sale is no more seasonal and offers keep on flooding in every other day. But that holds false for Black Friday. It is the D day for shopping enthusiasts. It is a sin if you haven’t shopped on this very day and savour unbeatable discounts. The discounts and deals are legit definitely beating what you’ve not received throughout the year.

Black Friday is not popular

Over the years, Black Friday has certainly changed, but it is nowhere going away. If anything that’s there, it is only turning up to be a bigger shopping extravaganza.

Cyber Monday is just leftovers

Sure, some deals may carry on from Black Friday to Cyber Monday (Monday following Thanksgiving weekend for exceptional bargains) but the discounts and stock are fresh to lure shoppers. Both days are great to shop.

Special Offers This year

The biggest day for shopping has lately got huge prominence in the UK with tremendous spends only in 24 hours. Say it the unofficial start to Christmas shopping, but it witnesses high figures rolling. Seeing such madness, how TJC can step back from exorbitant Black Friday deals.

There will be exceptional bargains, unbelievable offers, and some bling-worthy shopping experience to make your Black Friday worth all the wait this year.

Make sure tuning up to TJC’s website and signup for emails, subscribe to our newsletters ahead of time. Do jump in to TJC’s mobile app for exceptional deals and discounts.

We promise – this year is going to showcase some best ever fashion essentials, awe-inspiring jewellery, and everything befitting your lifestyle.

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Stay tuned for the curtain raiser!

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