Get some ghoulish glitter for your Halloween look

Halloween is just around the corner, giving plenty of chances for tricks and treats. Even if you don't want to get dressed up as your favourite scary character or creature, you can still add a little nod to the spooky season to any outfit.

Jewellery is the perfect way to include some ghoulish glitter in your look, while also providing you with beautiful pieces you can wear throughout the years. 

When we say Halloween jewellery we don't mean getting decked out in pieces that look like creepy crawlies or wearing necklaces with pumpkins on. You can get into the spirit of All Hallows Eve in a more subtle and glamorous way.

Choosing colours that link to Halloween is an easy way to embrace the day and add some more unusual styles to your jewellery box. 

Black is one of the easiest Halloween colours to wear and is a great choice if you prefer gemstones with a twist. Stones like black diamonds, onyx and black spinel are all beautiful and bring different properties to the table. 

Onyx is an incredibly deep black that has a subtle sheen, while black diamonds are incredibly glittery. However, pieces like this Black Spinel Ring in Platinum Overlay are a great middle ground and are perfect for smaller budgets.  

Another great shade for Halloween, as well as for the rest of the year, is orange. This statement colour works well in small doses and can instantly brighten up your look. 

It is also a more unusual shade for gemstones, so a piece of jewellery that features it is going to make a huge statement with minimal effort. We love this beautiful pair of Orange Opal Gold Overlay Lever Back Earrings, which are absolutely perfect for getting into the spooky spirit in an elegant way. 

Of course, you could also rock more obvious and fun pieces of jewellery for October 31st. Animal styles are always popular and remain in fashion no matter the season. Wearing a piece of creature couture – such as this effective Snake Ring With White And Black Crystal – is the perfect way to include something in your ensemble for Halloween.

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