Get that 70’s style: The hottest look for 2015

Spring is on its way! Apparently. While we may still be stuck with cold and wet weather, there's no denying that winter is ebbing away. 

Mornings are getting lighter, the wind isn't quite as chill and it isn't pitch black by 5pm. All of this points to the fact that we will soon be enjoying warmer days and that summer will be just weeks away.

As well as being a great boost for our moods, it also means it is definitely time to start the big wardrobe update. Say goodbye to the thick fabrics and dark colours of winter, and say hello to the bolder shades and fin designs of SS15.

While there are a few key trends for you to experiment with, there is one trend that is bleeding into every aspect of fashion for the new season. 

Looks that were previously popular in the 1970s are adding a retro vibe to fashion this year, with prints, colours and designs all echoing these vintage styles. 

However, it is important to remember that this trend isn't about emulating complete 1970's-style outfits. Instead, you should introduce hints of the decade into your look to ensure you look entirely chic rather than as though you are wearing fancy dress.

Here are some of the key aspects of this look that can be worn for a subtle 70's edge:

Funky florals

While Miranda Priestly may not have found florals for spring very original, designers have totally changed up this trend for spring. Rather than the pastel floral styles that were huge last year, 2015 is all about bright tones, bold prints and clashing colours.

Anything in floral print this season will be embracing the 70's look, from flowing maxi dresses to structured blazers; this is the easiest way to rock this trend without going over the top.  

Kaleidoscope texture

If bright flowers aren't your cup of tea, then the other 1970's-inspired print trend could be a great alternative. With cues taken from the boho revival of SS15, kaleidoscope style prints are a perfect choice.

Perfect for dresses, skirts and jackets from the decade, this look features less intense colours, but still uses a mixture of shades. The print looks like classic kaleidoscope patterns, which have some floral-esque elements as well as a tonne of texture.

This is a predominantly geometric style, which is why it works great on flowing fabrics to create an interesting contrast. 

Fit and flared

Skinny jeans are no longer the go-to choice, as 70's flares are making a more subtle comeback. Jeans that feature a flared – or bootcut – design at the ankles rather than being fitted all the way down.

This comfortable look is perfect for wearing the season's wedged heels as well as boots. You also don't have to choose a pair that really flare out, as just a small amount of give will allow you to fit with this look.

When it comes to trousers, wide-legged styles that create a lot of movement are still must-haves. These should be high-waisted to cinch you in and create a flattering shape, while the loose fit of the legs will give you more height.

This style of trousers is great for both day and night.

Wide lapels 

One of the most iconic aspects of 1970's fashion has to be the wide lapels and broad collars. It is no surprise then that this is an important part of SS15.

Rather than the rather over-the-top lapels of the past previous decade, you can rock this look by choosing styles that simply add an inch or two onto the width of your usual lapel style. This is the easiest choice if you want to include a 70's twist on your style without going too far with it.

It is a smart look that can work with most other styles that are hitting the high street for the new season. 

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