Get the look: Multi-ring style

If you've checked out our awesome new infographic, you'll know that the multi-ring look is hot for the summer. This look allows you to make a statement in a way that can be a lot more subtle than wearing one large ring, which means it is ideal for day and night.

If you like your bling, you definitely need to try out the multi-ring style. It involves wearing a number of different rings – which can be simple bands or include some different gems and textures – across both hands.

But how do you pull this look off? Follow our quick tips and you'll be perfectly on-trend.

Different sizes

Rather than just getting rings that you can wear in the standard way – at the base of your finger – you also need a variety of other sizes. This means you can wear them at different points along your fingers.

Not only does this fit perfectly with this look, it also stops your jewellery from looking too over-the-top.

Space them out

Whether you're going simple or choosing a couple of rings that are more blingy, you need to ensure you wear them spread out over your fingers.

This is why wearing rings at different points on your fingers is a great idea, as you can avoid your rings looking cluttered. 

Keep the placement looking random – like you just threw your rings on – but ensure there is plenty of space between each of them to get the best results.

Alternate details

If you are wearing rings with some level of detail, you need to alternate them with simpler styles to ensure they are shown off to their best.

Wearing too many different gems or details together can look a bit messy. In this way, less is more, although you can still wear several rings at once.

Get a manicure

Your multi-ring look is going to draw attention to your hands, so make sure your nails look fab. Whether you have them done or paint them yourself – you can find the best on-trend manicures in our blog – your nails are the finishing touch.

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