Get the must-wear metallic look

One of the biggest trends for SS16 has to be metallics. This style has been showcased next to numerous other trends by designer collections on the runway, with it making an appearance alongside tailored, boho and 60s fashions.

This hugely versatile look is ideal no matter what you have in your wardrobe, as it can be worn in large or small doses. You can use it highlight your outfit or make it the main feature, and we have the best tips on how to do so.

Metallic makeup

A great way to add a metallic touch to your outfit in a subtle and flattering way is to opt for metallic makeup. This can create a flattering look for both day and night, allowing you to tailor it to your style.

For a hint of a metallic hue, try using a liquid liner in gold or silver to create flicks or opt for a shimmery highlight for a dewy touch to your skin. You might also want to paint your nails in a metallic colour, which will create a smooth and chic touch that is ideal for wearing with the tailored trend.

If you’re feeling brave, try popping on a slick of metallic lipstick for a fully modern look. Bronzes and golds are ideal for summer while silver and blues will result in a cool touch that is great for the evening.

Shift dresses

One item you need in your wardrobe this summer is the simple shift dress, which is a major part of the boudoir trend. While this style typically features softer shades, such as champagne and pastels, you can give it more edge by choosing a metallic dress.

Floor-length dresses in this elegant style that feature rich metallic shades are sure to be winners and can easily be relaxed for the day or dressed up for the night. Team with brightly coloured strappy shoes to really create a high fashion style.

Glitter embellishments

Other items of clothing can work with this trend without being over the top if you opt for metallic embellishments. Patterns that feature metallic colours on matte backgrounds can be really effective, especially if you combine glitter with smooth metallics.

You can also wear smaller items of metallic clothing, such as tops and shoes, to add an edge to your ensembles without going over the top. This is an easy way to include something a bit different in your style without taking you out of your comfort zone.

Metallic jewellery

One of the simplest ways to wear metallics is jewellery, which means you will effectively be wearing this trend with everything. Choose jewellery that makes a feature out of metal, as this will highlight smooth metallics rather than embellishments like gemstones.

Silver, yellow gold and rose gold are all great choices and can be mixed together to create a subtly textured look. Pieces like this ION Plated Yellow Gold Stainless Steel Bracelet are ideal and will work for both day and night.

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Image: iStock/KazanovskyAndrey

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