Get Your Festival Staples on TJC

We are welcoming the onset of summer and that only means one thing – Festivals!

Get prepared for festivals or days out this summer with our list of festival must haves whether it be the most popular music festival or a local food and beverage festival or just a day at the park – stay chic and look on point, with these staples…

Dead Sea BB Cream
The Dead Sea Spa BB cream is THE must have summer skin essential. No one wants to be plastered with heavy foundation in the hot summer sun, especially when you’re in a crowd, so get yourself Spa Magik’s infallible light weight BB (beauty balm) cream. Treat yourself to a summer skin essential with this light tinted hydrating cream which immediately adapts to the tone of your skin tone giving you a flawless, even and natural complexionThis is the only piece of makeup you need when you’re out and about, with its lightweight texture you can forget you’re wearing any kind of makeup and concentrate on having fun!

Massive Summer Handbag
If there’s one thing TJC know about it is luxurious handbags (other than jewels of course!). If you’re heading to a festival this season you are most likely to be spending a lot of time outside walking around exploring, so of course you need a have a big, durable, roomy and undoubtedly fashionable bag to fit all your daily essentials plus more. A tote is a top pick for events like this, easily swing over your shoulder for an effortless look and access your things easily, or if you want a laidback option, get yourself a leather backpack and worry less about your belongings.

Big thick framed eyewear is a trend that’s so in this season, so take inspiration from the most loved fashion houses such as Céline. The trick to finding the perfect pair is to pick a shape that contrasts your face shape – identify yours now ‘What face shape do you have?‘. When picking a pair take into consideration the colour, obviously it all comes down to personal preference, but it’s important not to choose a colour that will overpower your face if you want a pair to wear all summer long, instead get a colour that will accentuate and compliment your features.

It could be forecasted to be the hottest day of the year, but never forget we live in England! Weather can change in an instant, so we can never be too sure that weather will be what it is promised to be. Stay prepared this season and always keep handy a cover up or a shawl. These are very versatile and easy to carry around as they fit snuggly into your handbag or backpack, and very easy to wear. They are the perfect accessory if it gets a bit chilly or if the weather takes a turn for the worse and they are lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about lugging around a jacket.

Now for the fun part – Accessories
Festivals are a playground for those wanting to show off their personal style, and if you have been wanting to test run a specific trend, festivals are the perfect occasion to make your new style debut. Take a look at our real gemstones along with our costume jewellery sets including brass or colourful statement summer beaded necklaces – see how you can make the perfect statement.

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