Getting it right: What type of Valentine’s gift will your partner want?

It's not long until Valentine's Day, so you best get a move on and find something to give to your partner. Whether they are fans of the romance of February 14th or say they aren't really bothered, it isn't wise to let the day pass without giving them something.

That's where things can get difficult; after all, buying a gift is hard enough without having the pressure of Valentine's Day involved. You need to judge how your loved one feels about the day, as well as take into account their personal tastes.

Before you start buying, ask your partner what they want to do for Valentine's Day. This is usually a good way to tell how bothered they are; as nonchalance can signify they really don't want to make a fuss, while big plans show they have high expectations. 

It is also a good idea to agree on a budget with your partner, this way you'll know how much they are expecting you to spend on them. Whether or not you decide to stick to the budget is up to you, especially if it is meant to cover a meal and activities on the day.

Once you have all this figured out, you can start looking for the perfect Valentine's gift.


This is generally a good place to start. Whether you're going big or keeping things small, buying a bunch of roses – or a bunch of your partner's favourite flowers – can make an excellent gift on its own or with something else.

It is also quite a nice way to start the day and shows your partner you were thinking about them even if they said not to bother. 

The only time you should avoid buying flowers for your Valentine is if they have explicitly said they don't like them, or if they suffer from hayfever that could be set off by a bouquet. Other than that, you'll usually get a few brownie points for the decision.


This is another small gift that is likely to put a smile on someone's face. A box of chocolates can be a nice treat that you can share, especially if you're spending your Valentine's Day at home.

Generally it is a nice idea to give chocolates as a gift alongside something else, such as a bottle of bubbly or roses. However, if you're getting your partner some extra special chocolates that come with a high price tag, these can serve as the whole gift.

Whether you use them as part of a present or give them as the whole gift, chocolates are a classic on Valentine's Day for a reason.


You might think that jewellery is an expensive choice for a Valentine's Day gift but TJC has beautiful jewellery for every budget. This means you can get your partner something really special without breaking the budget.

Whether you want glittering diamonds, something love-themed like rubies or choose to go classic with pearls; you'll find the perfect gift at TJC.

If you want more help finding the right item of jewellery for your budget, check out our latest guide here.


This is another great idea, but you really need to know what perfume your partner likes. Not knowing can mean you buy something totally wrong that your loved one doesn't want to wear. 

If you know there is a fragrance they enjoy or if they have a favourite that is getting low – stick to this. Going for something they have never tried before or that is totally different really isn't the best way to go.

Something practical

If you want to get a gift for a partner who doesn't really go in for the romance of the day, it could be a good idea to choose something a bit more practical. While this might mean you don't get something particularly pretty, it will show them that you know them and understand what they want.

Something like an e-reader, a diary or even a new coffee machine could be great choices if you want to get something that is useful and thoughtful. This is especially the case if they have wanted something for a while, as you can treat them to things on their wish list. 

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