Gifts for Home: A Guide to Get Your Home Festive Ready!

It is finally the best time of the year! We are approaching the festive season with each passing day with a lot of joy in our hearts and cheer in our voice. The most awaited time of the year, when the weather is just perfect with cold outside and cosy inside, the sparkle and dazzle of the decoration, the sweet smell of the freshly baked and cooked goodies that fill our stomachs and hearts with happiness and the list goes on!

Gifts for Home at TJC

We bring to you a guide to get your home festive ready with us at TJC and live to celebrate the joy that the festive season brings along with these best picks for gifts for home as after all, the home is where the heart is!

SCENTED CANDLES: A very traditional yet classic way to illuminate any spaces are candles. Adding a soft warm glow to any room and ambience, they are a total heart-winners. With a twist to just subtle illuminations, we house a collection of candles that are scented. As you light them, they spread their scintillating aroma into the air, filling your indoors with a charming fragrance. To set the festive mood right and welcome your guests home to a cozy and aromatic ambience, these scented candles are just perfect. They are also a great home décor item as well as a gift for home owing to their beautiful containers and packaging which also helps with aromatherapy, calming you after a long day at work and relaxing your mood and senses. Available in different fragrances, you can pick your favourite ones that will help you in setting the right mood for your indoors.

REED DIFFUSERS: Another beautiful home décor item that will add a bohemian vibe to your interiors with an enchanting fragrance are reed diffusers. The reed sticks seeped into the fragrance spread a scintillating aroma, one that tingles your senses and lets you feel lost into its beautiful charm. Dipped into fragrance oils, the reed diffusers last long, even up to months and keep your home smelling warm, cozy and festive. Available in a variety of fragrances and beautiful bottles, you can place one in each room of your home and bring in the feeling of comfort what everybody longs for as they reach their homes. These also serve for a meaningful gift for home as they last long and add to the aesthetic appeal of your interiors.

FESTIVE LIGHTS: One of the most defining aspect of celebrations are the lovely glowing lights that add a vibe to your surroundings filling yours and your family’s hearts with the festive cheer, joy and laughter. They add the perfect excitement and create an ambience that everyone waits for the entire year! From Fairy lights to LED equipped décor pieces, a variety of lights await you to be picked and add the bright glow to your as well as your friend’s or family’s lives as a gift for home. With a multitude of options you can decorate them on your mantle, corners, windows, doors, etc. to your garden outside too. We also house a collection of solar powered stake lights that will automatically light up as soon as its dusk and light up your garden area and driveways beautifully with a quirky design.


GETTING YOUR DINNER TABLE READY: The festive season calls for merriment and for enjoying a lavish spread that you whip up for your friends and family. We bring to you exclusive items which will aid you in your kitchen and help you prepare a spread that you know your family and friends would enjoy. These items make for meaningful gifts for home too as they would be whole-heartedly welcomed by all. These appliances and tools will not only fill your stomachs but your hearts too with lovely memories that you would love to relive every year with your loved ones.

We at TJC are bracing ourselves and are getting ready for the joyful season of festivities. We invite you to come take a peek at our handpicked and assorted collection of gifts for home, so that you too are festive and celebration ready and create loving memories with your close and loved ones.

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