Glamorous Ghouls and Glittering Ghosts….

The leaves are starting to turn that beautiful rusty orange and there is a definite chill in the air, and that means that Halloween is just around the corner; its one of my favourite holidays, all the witches, ghouls, goblins, and ghosts, I love it!

Halloween is filled with mystery and magic and loads of superstition. So where did the Halloween tradition come from? Most of the customs and rituals of Halloween come from remnants of ancient beliefs, but in simple terms…..

The 1st day of November was essentially New Year’s Day for the Celts, know as “All Hallows Day”.  The night before was known as “All Hallows Eve” and was the harvest festival of Samhain, to mark the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter.  It was believed that during Samhain, witches and ghosts wandered the countryside and calling the souls of the dead. Fires were lit to scare away the witches and food and lanterns were set out to welcome the lost souls. “All Hallows Eve” was eventually shortened to Halloween.

According to the Daily Mail, Halloween is the UK’s second most popular family occasion, Christmas being the most popular. So are you going to get involved this year? I know I am! Here are some fun and funky TJC jewels that will hopefully give you goosebumps and get you into the “spirit” of Halloween!

  1. I just love these Lucy Q Wasp earrings. Fabulous for Halloween and oh so classy too. 
  2. Go a little Gothic with this Black, Grey Austrian Crystal Cross Pendant.
  3. One cross… why not two? This super Citrine pendant in very chic!
  4. Now, you couldn’t get more Halloween with this crystal encrusted skull pendant. I think its fab!
  5. More stunning Lucy Q jewellery, and these spider earrings are so Halloween inspired you couldn’t go wrong. 
  6. Now if you liked the Lucy Q Wasp earrings, why not go all out and get the matching Wasp necklace. Very on trend right now. 


Have fun shopping, I know I will!

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