Go bold for SS16: How to wear bright spring shades

Spring is here, which means it’s time to revamp your wardrobe and add a splash of bright colour to your outfits. Bold shades are one of the biggest trends for spring, with orange, yellow, blue, green and pink being some of the top must-wears for the season.

While any ensemble that makes use of one of these bright spring shades is on-trend for the season, there are a number of different ways to wear them. This means that no matter what your style or what the event, you can make the most of this style.

Here are some of the best ways to wear bright colours for spring and summer, even if you don’t want to be too bold:

Colourful makeup

Makeup is a great way to change your look slightly and introduce bright colours. There are a few different ways to use various shades throughout your makeup, allowing you to mix up your usual style, even if it’s just a little bit.

You can try swapping your black liquid liner for a bolder shade, making more of a statement of your winged liner. A number of designers have also used bright eyeshadow on their runway models for SS16, which is a fun and easy way to use them.

Of course, if you’re feeling brave, you could try out a lipstick in a hot pink, emerald green, royal blue or bright orange. All of these are popular looks right now, with matte lipstick being a favourite option to create a chic look for every day.

Light fabrics

Bright colours really make an impact when you wear them in blocks or throughout your whole look. However, they can be a bit much if you opt for heavy fabrics so wearing lighter fabrics can be a better choice.

Skirts made from layered chiffon or slightly sheer tops add a flowing element to an outfit and stop the colours from looking over the top. You can also use embellishments like lace to add a lighter touch to your outfit.

If you do choose to wear a block of colour, stick to one item of clothing and contrast it with a quieter shade so it is the main feature of your outfit but not the only element.


If you don’t feel brave enough to wear bold colours in big doses, accessories are a good way to make the most of them in a more subtle way. Things like belts, handbags and shoes can add a touch of colour to softer shades, keeping your look on-trend and in your comfort zone.

Something like this Charlotte Leopard Pattern Tote Bag with Tassels is a great way to wear this SS16 trend every day, even if the rest of your outfit is quite soft in comparison.

Stunning jewellery

Just like accessories, jewellery can help you introduce bright colours into your outfit is a subtle way. You can either choose statement pieces or smaller designs depending on your taste.

Smaller items like these Royal Bali Collection Abalone Shell Hook Earrings are a lovely way to add a more unusual colour to your outfit without impacting the overall look. The different blue tones in these earrings make an impact but won’t overdo it.

You can also make more of a statement with larger, brighter pieces of jewellery. Our Simulated Ruby Necklace in Gold Tone is ideal for this and will look great during both spring and summer.

Find the perfect bright jewellery to match your style in our new in section here.

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