Gold Layering Tips

Stacking is SO on trend and I love layering jewellery. You don’t have to have an already-layered piece, you can just use 2-4 of your favourite chains or necklaces and put them together to create a trendy, minimalist look. It also means you can change it up whenever you go out


The secret to layering is made up of two rules. Simplicity and space.


1) Stick with fine delicate simple pieces. If you want a bold statement look stick to a single big necklace and a chunkier style. 


2) Necklace length is important! Don’t layer 3 18” necklaces for example, they’ll just overlap and look messy on the neckline and totally go against the look you’re going for! 


My favourite look with layering is to have a fine gold choker (important that it’s super fine and delicate or it can just look a bit much when layering with other pieces) a 16 or 18” necklace as my “mid” piece, then a longer one at say 20-24 inches. These sizes will create space between each piece, giving you that perfect layered look. 

I’ve used some extenders (link here) to make 2 of my necklaces a better length so they’d sit better – I highly recommend these extenders, it means you can layer your favourite necklaces at different lengths even if they’re all 18”. They’re also good for when you’re wearing a different neckline, whether it be a scoop neck, roll neck etc. Sometimes I want a shorter chain with my low cut tops and a longer one when wearing a high neck garment. It also means you don’t have to buy 4 different length chains for one pendant. Perfect! Plus, at only £10 they are so affordable it would be silly not to have them in your jewellery box for when you need them. 


Take a look at some of my favourite layered look below 💛

M Pendant –

Bar Pendant and Chain –

Italian Made Chain –—one-time-deal–9k-yellow-gold-spiga-necklace-size-24-6883071.html


Bonus! Layered Necklaces at TJC!

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