Goodbye Co – ords, hello skirt suits

Turns out the fash’ pack are no longer content with simplistic co-ords, and want to make more of a statement in a new and improved trend, the girly skirt suit!

Having survived many revivals along the years, the skirt suit is back with a vengeance, turning what used to be masculine style with a feminine twist into an ultra-feminine outfit with oomf.

After many years the skirt suit has evolved from an outfit made for ‘ladies who lunch’ to a refreshingly experimental option perfect for the working woman, travelling between the desk and dinner, allowing her to stay very matchy-matchy but forever ultra-chic!

There’s no doubt that masculinity has made major influences in our wardrobes over the past year or so, with looks straight from the catwalk to the high street we have introduced well-tailored one pieces and structured suits into our closets.

So, this season be brave and ditch the LBD and opt for a more bold style choice. Find a colour or pattern that bests suits you and your personality along with a skirt length that is suitable for the occasion you want to wear this new look to (A shorter skirt above knee length is suitable for a late evening out, however, a longer skirt is better for formal occasions – but, ultimately wear whatever you feel and look best in), then get ready to accessorise.

TJC have 6 versatile items you can use to transform your new look from an appropriate daytime look to a sexy evening outfit, perfect for keeping this trend a fashion ‘yes’ for many seasons to come.

1)      Leather and suede are definitely an easy transeasonal texture to work into your wardrobe. Make this faux leather cream colour shoulder bag the perfect accessory to carry all your daily essentials. Simple yet style effective, this bag can be worn over the shoulder in the daytime, or at night as a clutch bag. The studs, also add some edge which will look great clashed against a minimal print and short length skirt.

2)      On the contrary we have this uber braid pattern black clutch with optional silver chain strap. This clutch will look great paired against an all-black skirt suit paired with a contrasting colour top this summer. The texture of the bag will also bring some playfulness to your outfits while keeping the essence of the outfit sophisticated.

3)      I’ve fallen in love with this unusual grey and pink felt bag, and so should you! This grey bag is a great daytime accessory, perfect for a day in the park or an afternoon in town. As it has a boxy shape, try pairing with a similar shape skirt suit. Try and boxy crop jacket along with a square shape skirt for an effective statement look.

4)      Scarves are universal items that can be worn with anything, but when I saw this 100% Cashmere wool white embroidered scarf I immediately fell in love and new it was a special item. Falling on the pricey side the scarf does show some designer influence, that’s timless. Wrap this around a monochromatic evening, maybe try a fitted midi skirt and matching fitted blazer for ultimate luxury and comfort, or simply tie onto a handbag for a more relaxed vibe.

5)      A watch is an everyday accessory that can really bring an outfit to life. This Monchic ceramic watch is great for adding some extra sophistication to an outfit. Designed with designer influence this watch will look great contrasted with a fantastic muted print or a coloured blazer.

6)      Some ladies love to accessorise their outfits with jewellery, and seeing as it is June, what better way to accessorise than with pearls! If you are looking to wear a skirt suit this season, but still want to stick within the classic sense of the trend, try a tweed version. They are more popular than you may think as I’ve seen many commuters in tweed blazers, especially in pink, yellow and even monochrome. I feel that this white and black pearl set will look amazing paired against this kind of ensemble.

Will you be reintroducing the beloved skirt suit back into your wardrobe? And if so, how will you be wearing this trend?

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