Grandidierite: One of the World’s Rarest Gemstones

So rare and so sought-after, TJC has managed to get a limited quantity of the stunning gemstone, grandidierite. The piece of jewellery we have to offer you is a beautiful beaded necklace.

A high tensile thread is used in this necklace to hold 64 Carat grandidierite. Additionally we have added a magnetic clasp, this adds the comfort and ease when putting it on!


Where in the world?

According to Forbes, grandidierite the 3rd most rare gemstone in the world. First discovered in 1902 by the French mineralogist Alfred Lacroix in the southern region of Madagascar. .

Lacroix paid homage to the renowned French explorer and naturalist Alfred Grandidier by naming this glorious gemstone after him – the first authority on the natural history of Madagascar.

What makes it so rare?

Exquisite colour, hardness and location make jewellery quality grandidierite hard to come by. Since its initial discovery in 1902 it has only been found in a few countries around the world, those being Malawi, Namibia and Sri Lanka. But the few gem quality samples have come largely from Madagascar.

Captivating colour

A gem with a magical and captivating colour that few can resist! Typically bluish green in colour, this gem floats somewhere between glorious hues of aquamarine and turquoise and can be translucent to transparent. Fully transparent specimens are extremely uncommon.

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