Great British Sparkle off: Jewellery inspired by classic cakes

The Great British Bake Off has started once again and the nation is on the edge of their seats to see if anyone comes up with a soggy bottom or if a masterpiece will be declared as having a nice crumb. 

Whether you're a whiz in the kitchen or not, you've probably found yourself agreeing with Mary Berry's declarations of enjoyment, frowning at Paul Hollywood's harsh critiques and generally wanting to eat a lot of cake.

If you're worried that such sugary treats might not be suitable for your diet and are looking for an alternative that has a lower calorie intake, we could have the answer.

Here are our favourite jewellery collections that have a slightly baked look to them:

Madeira Cake

You may remember that last week's first bake was the classic Madeira cake, which is known for its crack down the middle, slight citrus taste and beautiful yellow colour.

While some contestants attempted to mix things up a bit, we're quite partial to a classic, which is why we think citrine is the perfect alternative to a big chunk of cake.

Just like Madeira, citrine has a beautiful sunny colour that looks absolutely delicious. There are several tones you can get from deeper, orangey shades to lighter lemon colours, giving you a bit of choice in the style you go for.

You'll be happy to know, though, that unlike Madeira cake, citrine doesn't feature a crack down the centre!

Red Velvet

If you're a fan of something more luxurious, it doesn't get much better than red velvet cake. The classic Texan recipe creates cakes that have a subtle chocolatey taste and bold red colour, which is often contrasted with a white cream cheese icing.

The bright colour of red velvet means there is only one gem that can really compare, when it comes to baking-inspired jewellery: the ruby.

Rubies are unmistakable in their colour, which can range from a blood red to a slightly rosy hue when talking about the crimson varieties.

They are just as enticing as a piece of red velvet cake as they catch the light beautifully and will shine no matter how small they are. You can copy the cake even more by contrasting the blood red shade with simple silver or glittering diamonds to make them look completely moreish.


For those that like a different kind of cake, cheesecake has to be a winner. Whether you like a slice of plain vanilla or prefer to spruce it up with some fruit or a sweet sauce, you have to admit that cheesecake is a big winner in the baking world.

Its creamy texture and look make it an understated but delicious dessert that is hard to resist. This is why we think cheesecake is the pearl of confectionery.

Pearls have a similar colouring to a classic a del vanilla cheesecake, a beautifully soft white that is always a winner. You can opt for a stunning string of pearls that add an elegant touch to any occasion, or modernise the recipe by including complementary gemstones.

Of course, if vanilla cheesecake style is too, well, vanilla for you, there are also coloured pearls for you to choose from. Pink and black varieties can be likened to strawberry or blackcurrant cheesecake and show that while they might be a classic, they are also hugely versatile.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

We have to admit, we're partial to a bit of chocolate, so what better way to enjoy it than in gooey fudge cake form? Unfortunately, they have yet to develop a chocolate fudge cake that actually helps you lose weight, so we'll settle for some stunning jewellery instead.

For all you chocoholics out there, there's only one gemstone that's going to hit the spot and that's garnet.

This beautiful chocolatey stone has a rich colour that you're sure to love. It is actually a red gem, but the colour can be so deep that it appears to be brown, until the light hits it at least; at which point you can see all the different shades that make it up. 

It is this that makes garnet such a great choice for jewellery, especially if you want something with a really rich colour that is still understated and classy. You can even team it with yellow gold for chocolate and caramel style that is sure to make a statement. 

What cake is your favourite and which of our gorgeous gems is most like it?

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