Great ways to store your jewellery

If you were lucky enough to be treated to beautiful jewellery over the Christmas period or you’ve picked up a few stunning pieces in our sale, you’re probably looking for the best ways to store your jewellery.

As well as caring for jewellery when you’re wearing it, you also need to ensure you store it correctly to avoid damage. This doesn’t just mean popping everything away in a box out of sight, as there are some great ways to store jewellery that also look great.

If you need a practical way to keep your jewellery safe but also want to show it off even when you’re not wearing it, here are some fab ideas:

Cork boards

A really great way to turn your favourite jewellery into art is to make use of simple cork boards. You can put these up on the wall, adding pins at intervals to hang your jewellery from.

This creates a layered and interesting storage solution that also stops necklaces from getting tangled and earrings getting separated.

If you want to make your cork boards look even better, why not paint them in your favourite colour of or even put them in a frame to really make your jewellery look like art? You could create a feature wall with jewellery boards interspersed with photos of family and friends to fully showcase your personality.

Antique knobs

Another really pretty and practical way to store your jewellery is to use antique knobs. These can be doorknobs or from cupboards and feature a range of styles rather than all being the same.

The easiest way to use these is to attach them to a plank of wood at even intervals. You can then hang the wood on your wall and simply place necklaces and bracelets over the knobs to create an attractive storage solution.

This means all your jewellery is easy to find and won’t get damaged when you put it away.

Cake stands

If you want a storage idea that will help make your dressing table look good, cake stands could be the perfect choice.

Simply pick up a tiered cake stand from your local charity shop and use it to store your jewellery. You can either leave it as it is or spray paint it to match the colour to the rest of your room.

The tiers mean you can store a particular type of jewellery on each section, allowing you to organise your collection in an attractive way with minimal effort.

You could even make your own tiered cake stand by glueing spacers onto plates and layering them up. This could be a great way to combine colours and styles in one piece.

You can also find a great range of jewellery boxes and storage ideas for your jewellery here, ensuring that every piece is kept safe at all times.

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