For The Groom: How To Survive Your Wedding Day

Wedding’s are notoriously known as being a glamorous day for women to live out their childhood dreams of creating their very own fairytale, but, it’s certainly is not all about the bride.

Now, it’s expected for the both the bride and groom to be excitedly nervous and a tad bit anxious as their wedding day nears, which is why we’ve come up with a list of things for the groom on how he can survive his big day – check out our list for the ladies

So Groom, listen up! Here’s how to survive your wedding day…
Best Man

Keep your best man on hand, in months leading up to your big day and on the actual day of your wedding, your Best Man is crucial. Keep him close and know all of his moevements. He’ll probably keep you sane throughout the day, give you a great pep talk before show time and rememmber all the little details you’ve forgotten due to last minute nerves setting in.


This is another crucial aspect to enjoying and surviving your wedding day. Ensure you get great amounts of sleep leading up to your wedding day, as it’s most likely that the night before, you’ll get very little sleep as your mind runs through all the things you’ve done, need to do and the dreaded list of all the things that could go wrong…eek! You DO need your beauty sleep though, so try and get enough, which will help avoid having a mid day slump that usually comes somewhere after the adrenaline of saying your vows and copious amounts of food and drink.


You may not think you’re one for showing public displays of emotion, but it’s your big day, you’ve waited ages, so much planning has taken place, so don’t be surprised if you shed a little tear as your better half walks down the isle towards you. We’re sure your Best Man will have tissues on hand, but keep a set tucked away in your suit jacket just in case.

Emergency Kit

Your bride is likely to have one, so why shouldn’t the groom too! Have a pack nearby on the day with emergency deodorant, sewing kit and maybe some pain killers in case you come into an emergency.

Practice Your Speech

Relieve those last minute nerves, by practising your speech. Not everyone enjoys public speaking, so take take control and learn your speech well before the big day. This will take some of the stress away, as it will be one less thing you have to worry about. Don’t forget – bounce off your Best Man, that is what he’s there for!

Take a Moment

Your weddng day will feel like a whirlwind, so ensure you familiarise yourself with the venue so you kow where you can go for a quiet moment in order for you to practice your speech or escape from the madness of it all with your new wife, once the ceremony’s over.

All clued up? Do you have any tips on how survive your wedding day?


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