Get your hands on the Dead Sea Spa Magik Diamond Range!

Yes, that’s right! We have a new beauty bundle for you!

Transform your ordinary beauty regime to an extraordinary one with Dead Sea Spa Magik’s Diamond Range.

If you have experienced other Dead Sea Spa bundles such as the Flawless Facial Ritual and Perfect Pamper Ritual, I’m sure you can appreciate luxury skincare items along with the idea of enjoying a natural spa in the comfort of your own home with blended authentic ingredients great for your body and health, but if you havent this is the perfect opportunity to experience natural healing promised by Finders International, while reversing the signs of ageing.

If you love the magnificence of diamonds? You won’t be disappointed. Experience a taste of luxurious pampering and pure relaxation with this beauty bundle made from 100% natural anti-ageing ingredients and minerals straight from the Dead Seawhich soothes and revitalises, perfect for  all skin types including; sensitive, eczema, psoriasis and many other troublesome conditions.

Tune into TJC today to get first dibs and keep reading to see what you get in this special TJC beauty bundle containing 3 fabulous skincare items including 2 BRAND NEW products:

24hr Marine Miracle Moisturiser 75ml
A rich and intensive day and night cream which lasts for 24 hours, packed full with minerals to keep skin looking and feeling youthful. Made with a number of Dead Sea minerals and Shea butter this cream is great for dry and mature skin types, and great for use when skin needs a major moisture boost!

Extra Tip: Apply an extra thick layer at night to allow the miracles to manifest for an instant moisture boost!

BB Cream with SP15 50ml (The must have summer skin essential)
No one wants to be plastered with heavy foundation in the hot summer sun, so get yourself Spa Magik’s infallible light weight BB (beauty balm) cream. Treat yourself to a summer skin essential with this light tinted hydrating cream which immediately adapts to the tone of your skin tone giving you a flawless, even and natural complexion. Make this dermatologically tested beauty balm cream with anti-ageing ingredients your holiday companion – and save loadsa room in your suitcase with one staple product!

Our specially curated beauty bundle will also include, the tried, tested and absolutely loved…

Age Response Eye Cream 15ml
Initial signs of ageing can make its first appearances around the eyes. This eye cream has been specifically developed to tackle the signs of ageing, giving you instant and impressive long term results. Packed with anti-ageing ingredients including a mineral blend from the Dead Sea, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin B5, you will see visible results in only four weeks with fine lines, puffiness and dark circles appearing reduced.

Here’s how you can use this universally loved product along with other Dead Sea Spa skincare…

1)      Wash face with spa Magik Black Mud Soap, ideal for skin that cannot tolerate conventional soaps and problem skins
2)      Use the Spa Magik Mild Exfoliant twice a week to remove deep seated impurities from your face and neck. Rinse well.
3)      Apply Spa Magik Mud Mask to face and neck and leave on for the required 1-5 minutes
4)      Then remove mask with damp sponge
5)      After cleansing your face, apply Spot On Gel sparingly with your fingertip
6)      Next, apply a light coating of Spa Magik Rich Moisturiser to your face to nourish and protect your skin
7)      After cleansing your face morning and night, apply Age Response Eye Cream lightly around the eye area. This will tighten and refresh your skin while eliminating puffiness as well as providing a base for eye make-up.

Remember to join TJC today at 8pm and take the first steps of reversing the signs of ageing with Dead Sea Spa’s Diamond Range… No wonder they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

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